If you were at the Saturday show at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, then you knew this guy was fast. If you were at the Sunday show at the Rogers Centre, then you got reassured. Jim Creten in Bounty Hunter made it a sweep, winning racing both Saturday and Sunday.

“I’m glad to get these two wins in Canada for the fans,” Creten said. “We do a lot in Canada, about two thirds of our season.”

This marked the first year that Creten had gotten to come to the Rogers Centre.

“I’m glad to have gotten invited up here,” he continued. “I was so glad when I was invited.”

When it came to qualifying, Creten showed his speed right away, laying down the quick time at 21.50 seconds. Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger came the closest, scoring a time of 22.02 seconds with Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare third at a time of 22.09 seconds. After making a motor change the night before due to breaking one during intros on Saturday night, Neil Elliott was back on track, but only laid down a time of 22.69 seconds. Last year’s freestyle winner Jim Koehler in Avenger wasn’t strong in racing, clocking in at 24.26 seconds.


Round 1

·         Creten beat Steven Thompson (Hurricane Force)

·         Chuck Werner in El Toro Loco beat Jim Koehler

·         Todd Leduc in Metal Mulisha beat Steve Koehler in Wrecking Crew

·         McQueen beat Bob Robbins in Aftershock

·         Elliott beat Tim Mente in Storm Damage

·         Norm Miller in Batman (who set quick time on Saturday) beat Dave Rappach in Rap Attack

·         Dawn Crete in Scarlet Bandit beat Paul Breaud in Instigator

·         Zimmer beat Aaron Cromer in Krazy Train

Rappach ran into trouble during his run, as he missed the second turn on the So Cal course completely.


Round 2

In the first bracket, Jim Creten would get the clear win over Werner. In the second bracket, Leduc would take the win over McQueen as McQueen spun the truck in turn one, reminding fans of last year’s disastrous run. In the third, Elliott would cross the line barely ahead of Miller, however Miller would get credited with the win as Elliott got into one of the turn cars in the final turn. Zimmer took the win in the last round ahead of Dawn Creten.


Round 3

In the semi-finals, Zimmer would take the win over Miller as Miller doesn’t get a good solid first turn and is squirrely down the first straightaway. In the other half of the semi, Jim Creten would take the win over Leduc.


In the finals, it’d be Jim Creten in Bounty Hunter taking the win ahead of Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger. In true gentleman fashion for the fans, Creten gave the trophy away to a young fan in the grandstands.