Racers had no problems heating up the track despite the unusually cold weather on Friday night at Delaware Speedway.  Even as temperatures dropped, diehard fans showed their support for their hometown drivers. The night opened with the premiere of the V8 Stocks, a new division of racing at Delaware Speedway and also included features in the Coca-Cola Super Stocks and the FT Garage Late Models.

Jamie Cox (#22) of Dorchester showed why he was ranked at the top of the FT Garage Late Model division with a second consecutive feature win on Friday night.  Matt Pritiko (#21) of London took the lead on Lap 8, followed quickly in second by Jamie Cox.  Within a few laps Cox had caught Pritiko.  Caution flew on lap 15 when Shawn Thompson (#72) of Ailsa Craig spun hitting the wall lightly in turn two.  Mat Box (#27) and Adam Quarrie spun themselves while avoiding the incident.  On the restart Pritiko and Cox would run side by side.  Cox would fall back into line but keep the pressure on Pritiko who continued to lead.  Caution would come out on lap 27 for Adam Quarrie (#6) of Dorchester who spun coming off turn four.  Quickly caution would fly again for Jay Christie (#5) of Beachville spinning in turn four brushing off the front of Tyler Hendricks (#38) of Pain Court.  The race would resume to see yet another caution for Jay Doerr (#43) of London spinning in turn one.  Restart came with twelve laps to go and followed quickly by the final caution of the night as Hendricks self-spun alongside Stephen Richmond (#25) of Appin with Quarrie riding on top of the car in turn three.  On restart Jamie Cox would complete the pass on the highside of Matt Pritikio a lap after the restart on lap 29.  Pritiko would not let Cox go, chasing him into the final laps of the race inches off his back bumper.  Cox would come home in first, Pritiko second, third was Cole Powell (#25) of Mt. Brydges.

‘That was a good run with Mat, we ran pretty clean together it could have gone either way,’ said Cox in victory lane. ‘I thought sink or swim, I gotta do it [the highside pass]!  I can’t believe it, coming out of the box like this.  I want to thank the fans for sticking it out in the cold.  It was warm in the car but I know they weren’t!’

Kenny McNicol (#17) of Exeter won the Coca-Cola Super Stock race on Friday evening.  Defending winner Matt Robblee (#51) of Woodstock took the lead on lap nine in a move to the highside getting around defending champ Jeff Showler (#44) of Mt. Elgin in turn three.  Showler found himself under siege by McNicol and Shae Gemmel (#3) of Dorchester. Gemmell would complete the pass for second on lap 13 and start tracking down Robblee.  Caution would fly on lap 15 for a spin by Geoff Chant (#19) of Thorndale.  Caution would fly again at lap 24 for debris on the backstretch that fell off Kathleen Hosang (#16) of Zurich who broke a front ball joint on her wheel.  Robblee and McNicol, who had made his way to second, would start side by side.  After an initial jump start McNicol fought hard on the highside and surprised many by completing the pass.  Once clear of Robblee he would extend his lead and go on to take the win.

The first V8 Stock feature of the season held at Delaware Speedway proved to be a thrilling competition. Gary Triska (#57) of Straffordville led the first four laps. Piet Blaauboer (#7) overtook Triska in lap five who, despite competing against very tight packs of lapped cars, was able to lead the race until lap thirty-one when he was passed by Steve Book (#64) of Brantford who led the remainder of the race and secured the hard-fought win. Blaauboer finished a close second. Steve Arrand (#37) of Ailsa Craig finished third.

Tickets are available for next Friday’s event which will include Demar Aggregates Trucks, Coca-Cola Super Stocks and the first King of the Hill Spectator’s Race of the year in which spectators may drive their street legal cars on the track in one-on-one drag races in support of Jesse’s Journey.. For more information, visit the track website www.delawarespeedway.com.


FT Garage Late Model Feature Race

1.    22    Jamie Cox    Dorchester

2.    21    Matt Pritiko    London

3.    25    Cole Powell    Mt. Brydges

4.    24    Stephen Richmond    Appin

5.    72    Shawn Thompson    Ailisa Craig

6.    82    Justin Demelo    London

7.    5    Jay Christie    Beachville

8.    43    Jay Doerr    London

9.    27    Mat Box    Mississauga

10.    69    Lloyd Rawlings    Windsor

11.    6    Adam Quarrie    Dorchester

12.    38    Tyler Hendricks    Pain Court

13.    2    Doug Stewart    London

14.    51    Philip Nyssen    Brantford

15.    95    Steve March    London


Coca-Cola Super Stock Feature Race

1.    17    Kenny McNicol Jr.    Exeter

2.    51    Matt Robblee    Woodstock

3.    77    Darrell Lake    London

4.    3    Shae Gemmell (R)    Dorchester

5.    44    Jeff Showler    Mt. Elgin

6.    7    Branden Verhoeven (R)    Kerwood

7.    28    Kris Lawrence    London

8.    78    Jordan Lawrence    London

9.    23    Greg Dadson    Union

10.    48    Tim McGregor    St. Thomas

11.    19    Geoff Chant    Thorndale

12.    16    Kathleen Hosang    Zurich


V8 Stock Feature Race

1.    64    Steve Book

2.    7    Piet Blaauboer

3.    37    Steve Arrand

4.    93    Gary Zwygers

5.    78    Gary Graham

6.    07    Jamie Klumper

7.    172    Calven Verheyen

8.    45    Barry Watson

9.    57    Gary Triska

10.    182    Manny Demelo

11.    156    Darren Thirkettle

12.    01    Jaden Chapman

13.    20    Ryan Edwards-Kiss

14.    776    Rob Paff

15.    46    Norm Schnekenburger

16.    38    Derek McCullough

17.    63    Rob Appleby

18.    26    Justin Doxtator