After his success at multiple tracks last year, Alex Lees certified himself as a contender when it came to invitationals. He continued that stance as he took the victory in the 30-lap Mini Stock feature at the Chase for the Colors event at Peterborough Speedway.


Alex Lees won the first heat, followed by Tyler Junkin, Ken Townsend, Joey MacTavish and Kevin Strutt.

Last year's Autumn Colors winner Daryl Fice won the second heat, followed by No. 34R, Warren Paxton, Doug Butler and Ryan Brentnell.

Peterborough Speedway points leader Tyler Junkin won the third heat, followed by Lees, MacTavish, Ember Junkin and Townsend.

McColl Pro Shootout Series points leader Doug Butler won the final heat, followed by Fice, Paxton, No. 34R, Brentnell.


Virtue of his qualifying heat, last year's Velocity 250 winner Doug Butler would start on the pole, followed by Tyler Junkin, Alex Lees, Daryl Fice and No. 34R. Lees wasted no time as he passed Tyler Junkin for second on the third lap.

The opening laps would be eventful for Tyler Junkin as he would send Daryl Fice through the backstretch grass on lap four. This allowed No. 34R to move up to third, followed by Joey MacTavish and Warren Paxton. 

On lap seven, Lees would make his presense known at the front as he would pass Butler for the lead. Meanwhile, Tyler Junkin would make his way back up to third by lap 11, followed by No. 34R and Fice. 

On lap 19, the battle for second would heat up as Junkin would make the pass on Butler in turn one, though Butler would pull the crossover move down the backstretch to pass him back in turn three. They would continue their battle all the way till lap 24, when they would wreck on the front stretch. Lees would hold the lead, now followed by Fice, Paxton, Ken Townsend and MacTavish. 

Both Butler and Junkin would begin to make their way back up through the field, however they would come together once again on lap 27. Both drivers would keep their positions so it was Lees over Fice, Paxton, MacTavish, Butler, Tyler Junkin and the No. 34R. Though before the caution period was over, Paxton would make his way down pit road with a mechanical problem, giving up the third position.

On the restart, Lees would pull out to the lead while Fice and Butler battled for second. Fice would clear Butler on lap 28, keeping him at bay. 

Alex Lees would go on to the lead the final two laps to score the victory with Daryl Fice in second. In October, they will get the honor of starting on the front row for the Autumn Colors Classic Mini Stock feature. Doug Butler and Joey MacTavish finished third and fourth, and are guaranteed to start no worse than 13th and 14th in that feature. They will have the opportunity, though, to improve their positions virtue of the Autumn Colors qualifying heats. The No. 34R finished fifth, followed by Tyler Junkin, Ryan Brentnell, Kevin Strutt and Ember Junkin.