At the end of the second of the two 50 lap features this weekend, Brandon Watson would pick up the victory in his No. 9 The Smart Exchange – Propane Cylinder Exchange, Ken MacKinnon Construction, Barrie Frame & Alignment, and Knightworks Design Super Late Model. Kevin Cornelius finished second, while Dwayne Baker finished third.

With their finishes from Saturday night (Baker, Cornelius, Watson), it’d make it a three-way tie for the Don Biederman Memorial title. Baker would be crowned Don Biederman Memorial Champion with Cornelius second and Watson third, using the finish of Saturday’s feature to determine the tie-breaker. It marks the first Don Biederman victory for the driver of the No. 48 Zancor Homes, Innisfil Machine and Welding and Baker Performance Parts Super Late Model.

The cautions would fly early with the Super Late Models as on the first lap of the first heat, Shane Maginnis would spin George Wilson. Then on the last lap, Wilson would spin Andrew Gresel, collecting J.R. Fitzpatrick.

Baker would pick up the win ahead of Maginnis, Todd Campbell, Kyle Passer, Ethan Courneyea and Gresel.

In the second heat, there’d be contact on lap one between Derrike Tiemersma and Tyler Hawn, resulting in damage for both cars. Then on lap 10, Shane Gowan would hit the inside wall.  Gowan would bring out another caution on lap 13 for a spin. Kevin Cornelius would pick up the victory behind the wheel of his No. 17 Halton Crushed Stone, Lee Sand and Gravel, Alliston Transmission and McColl Racing Enterprises Super Late Model ahead of Sean Cronan, Brad Corcoran, Jim Bowman and Gowan.

In the third heat, Brandon Watson would drive to victory lane ahead of Rob Poole, Jeff Hanley, Glenn Watson, John Owen, Brandon Vanderwel and Craig Stevenson.

The top four from each heat would transfer directly to the A-Main. Everybody else would have to run the b-main, but would all make the field virtue of the number cars.

John Owen would win the B-feature in his No. 2 John Owen Performance Engines, DRV Quality Masonry – Port Hope and Durmach Super Late Model. Gresel would finish second, followed by Tiemersma, Fitzpatrick, Wilson and Courneyea. Hawn and Gowan did not make the call for the b-main.

Virtue of their qualifying effort, the line-up would look like this: Dwayne Baker, Kevin Cornelius, Brandon Watson, Shane Maginnis, Sean Cronan, Rob Poole, Todd Campbell, Brad Corcoran, Jeff Hanley, Gary Passer, Glenn Watson, John Owen, Andrew Gresel, Derrike Tiemersma, J.R. Fitzpatrick, George Wilson, Brandon Vanderwel, Ethan Courneyea, Tyler Hawn, Craig Stevenson and Jim Bowman.

Baker and Cornelius would be side-by-side for lap one, with Baker taking the lead on lap two off of turn four. Baker and Cornelius would run one-two while Maginnis and Brandon Watson battled for third behind them. Maginnis would take third on lap four ahead of Watson and Rob Poole.

On lap 11, the top 10 ran single file with Baker continuing to lead ahead of Cornelius, Maginnis, Brandon Watson, Poole, Cronan, Passer, Owen, Tiemersma and Corcoran. The first battle for position would be for 14th between Campbell and Gresel, with Gresel and Fitzpatrick getting by Campbell on lap 12. Hanley would crack his way into the top 10 on lap 16 with a pass on Corcoran. Tiemersma would move up to eighth on lap 18 with a pass on Smith. Smith would drop out of the top 10 on lap 20 after being passed by Hanley and Wilson.

The first caution would fly on lap 29 after Passer would get sideways off of turn four, making contact with the side of Glenn Watson, causing Watson to hit the outside wall. Passer would get into the inside wall, collecting Gresel and Stevenson. Under the caution, Bowman would head down pit road.

With 31 laps to go, it’d be Baker leading Cornelius, Maginnis, Brandon Watson, Poole, Cronan, Tiemersma, Hanley,  Owen, Fitzpatrick, Wilson, Corcoran, Gresel, Passer, Wilson, Hawn and Vanderwel.

On the restart, Cornelius would get by Baker for the lead before the second caution would fly for Corcoran spinning. So on the restart, it’d be Cornelius leading Brandon Watson, Baker, Maginnis, Cronan, Poole, Hanley, Tiemersma, Owen, Wilson, Campbell, Gresel and Passer.

On the restart, Cornelius would clear Brandon Watson for the lead while Campbell would start smoking. He would receive the black flag and make his way to pit road. At lap 35, it’d be Cornelius leading Watson, Maginnis, Baker, Poole, Tiemersma and Cronan. Tiemersma would pass Poole for fifth the next lap, with Hanley getting by Cronan for seventh. Hanley would then get alongside Poole for sixth, when the caution would fly at lap 40 for Fitzpatrick spinning. Under caution, Vanderwel would make his way down pit road. With 10 laps to go, it’d be Cornelius leading Watson, Maginnis, Baker, Tiemersma, Poole, Hanley, Cronan, Owen, Wilson, Gresel, Fitzpatrick, Passer, Hawn, Corcoran and Bowman.

On the restart, Brandon Watson would grab the lead from Cornelius while Baker and Maginnis battled side-by-side for third. Baker would pass Maginnis with 8 laps to go. On lap 43, there’d be another caution as Owen would run into problems. So with 8 laps to go on the restart, Watson would lead Cornelius, Baker, Maginnis, Tiemersma, Poole, Hanley, Gresel, Wilson and Fitzpatrick.

On the restart, Brandon Watson wouldn’t go, giving Cornelius the jump. Cornelius would then slow up, causing Baker to get into the back of him, followed by everybody getting into each other behind them. The result would be Cornelius catching the front stretch wall with the left front corner while Baker would get spun around. Due to it being a false restart with Watson not going, they would give everyone their spots back for the restart.

The second attempt at a restart would be a go as Watson would grab the lead while Cornelius and Maginnis battled side-by-side for second. Cornelius would pass Maginnis with six laps to go, with Baker passing Maginnis the next lap for third. Maginnis would head down pit road with a flat tire with five laps to go.

Brandon Watson would hang on to grab the victory for his third win in four races so far this year. Kevin Cornelius would finish second, followed by Dwayne Baker, Derrike Tiemersma and Jeff Hanley.

Andrew Gresel would finish sixth, followed by George Wilson, Rob Poole, Tyler Hawn and Gary Passer.

 Sean Cronan would finish 11th, followed by Brad Corcoran, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Ethan Courneyea, Jim Bowman, Shane Maginnis, John Owen, Todd Campbell, Brandon Vanderwel, Glenn Watson, Craig Stevenson and Shane Gowan.