Billy Swartzenburg continued his streak of winning races as he would pick up the win in the 35 lapper at Sunset Speedway on Sunday afternoon.

In the first heat, though, it’d be Sunset Speedway regular Ken Townsend winning ahead of Peterborough’s Ryan Babin, Barrie’s Charlie Smith, Flamboro’s Rodney Rutherford and Sunset’s Terry Clodd. Ryan Hardy finished sixth, followed by Kevin Pickford, Terry Woodley and Jake Watson.

The second heat would go to past Sunset Speedway champion and current Barrie Speedway regular Doug Butler ahead of Peterborough’s Tyler Junkin, Barrie’s Mike Getliff, Peterborough’s Chris Mulders and Sunset’s Trevor Hemingway. The No. 88 finished sixth, followed by the 24 and Josh Inglis.

The third heat would have a caution as the No. 17 would go around. Also, Chris Free would pull off before the end of the heat. In the end, it was Flamboro Speedway’s Billy Swartzenburg picking up the win ahead of Brandon McFerran, Barrie’s Justin Holmes and Flamboro’s Samantha Shaw. Gehrig Haliday finished sixth, followed by Danny Benedict and the 17.

The fourth heat would go to Barrie Speedway regular Charlie Smith, ahead of Babin, Hardy, Rutherford and Townsend. Clodd would get sixth, followed by Woodley, Pickford and Watson.

In the fifth heat, the No. 24 Chevette would have a spin in turn two. Barrie Speedway’s Mike Getliff would pick up the heat victory ahead of Butler, Junkin, Mulders and the 24. Hemingway would finish sixth, followed by Inglis and Candiss Everingham.

Billy Swartzenburg would go for the daily double in the final heat, ahead of McFerran, Holmes, Benedict, Haliday, Shaw and the 17.

With an invert of nine for the feature, Justin Holmes would start on pole followed by Townsend, Junkin, Getliff, Smith, McFerran, Ryan Babin, Doug Butler, Billy Swartzenburg, Rodney Rutherford, Chris Mulders, Ryan Hardy, Samantha Shaw, Gehrig Haliday, Danny Benedict, Terry Clodd, the 24, the 17, Kevin Pickford, Terry Woodley, Josh Inglis, Candiss Everingham, the 88, Cory Young, Jake Watson, Trevor Hemingway and Chris Free.

Justin Holmes would grab the early lead while Townsend and Junkin battled for second. Junkin would pass Townsend on lap two, with Getliff passing Townsend on lap three, followed by Smith passing Townsend on lap four.

The first caution would then fly at approximately lap nine when Swartzenburg would take Townsend and McFerran three-wide, causing Townsend and McFerran to wreck. Butler was put to the back as an involved car.

So with 26 laps to go, Holmes led Junkin, Getliff, Smith, Swartzenburg, Babin, Rutherford, Mulders, Shaw, Hardy, Haliday, Clodd, Benedict, the 17, the 24, Pickford, Woodley and the 88.

On the restart, Holmes would clear Junkin while Swartzenburg would pass Getliff and Smith both for position. However, the caution would fly once again when Inglis got into Woodley in a three-wide mess.

So now it’d be Holmes leading Junkin, Swartzenburg, Getliff, Smith, Babin, Rutherford, Mulders, Shaw, Hardy, Haliday, Clodd, Benedict, the 17, the 24, the 88, Pickford, McFerran, Townsend, Butler, Hemingway, Watson, Everingham, Inglis and Woodley.

On the restart, Holmes would clear Swartzenburg while Smith and Junkin battled for third. Smith would pass Junkin, and then Smith and Babin would follow suit.

Holmes would gap Swartzenburg, though then found himself in a lot of heavy lap traffic. That slowed his progress and allowed Swartzenburg to close the gap. A couple laps later, Swatzenburg would complete the pass to take the lead.

Billy Swartzenburg would never look back as he would take home the victory. Justin Holmes finished second, followed by Charlie Smith, Danny Benedict and Mike Getliff.