Brad Martin took the early lead in the Mini Stock feature and never looked back, picking up his second straight Velocity 250 win and becoming the first repeat Mini Stock Velocity winner.

Given qualifying being completed on Saturday, the sweet 18 was made for the Mini Stocks.

Garry Reynolds Memorial winner Doug Butler was quick qualifier followed by Billy Swartzenburg, Justin Holmes, Brandon McFerran, Lance Foster, Ben Melenhorst, Ken Townsend, Brad Martin, Charlie Smith, Neil Hannah, Warren Paxton, Mike Gettliffe, Kevin Bridge, Cory Young, Samantha Shaw, Terry Woodley, Michael Batchelor and Dan Britt. Butler rolled the dice, handing out a nine car invert which put Smith and Martin on the front row for the 30-lap feature.

Though before they could even touch the A-Main, the B-Main still had to be run to set the rest of the field. 26 cars would be going for 10 spots. Kevin Pickford started pole followed William Davies, Steve Belanger, Benjamin Wolf, Corcoran, Dave Crumbie, Miles Tyson, the 47, Kendra Adams, the 77, Nick Clarke, Jason Tolton, Bob Phinnemore, Chris Free, Eric Rainey, 115x, Candiss Everingham and Dave Bailey.

The first caution would come out on lap three when Kendra Adams spun in turn two, due to contact with Brian Love. At this point, Davies led ahead of Pickford, Belanger, Wolf and Crumbie.

Davies grabbed the lead on the restart while Belanger and Pickford battled for second. Belanger would grab second ahead of Pickford while Wolf and Tyson battled for fourth. Tyson would get by Wolf for fifth.

At the front, it was all Barrie Speedway regular William Davies as he would pick up the B-Main feature win ahead of Belanger, Pickford, Tyson, Wolf, Benedict, Crumbie, Bailey, Clarke and the 77. They would be the cars to qualify into the A-Main. Missing the main event would be Tolton, Gerrior, Love, Corcoran, Wendy Adams, Free, Everingham, Rainey and Robson.

Come time for the main 30 lap event of the day, Smith started pole followed by Martin, Townsend, Melenhorst and Foster. Martin took the early lead and quickly established himself as the car to beat. Meanwhile, Butler started to make his way to the front from his ninth place starting spot, though ran into trouble on lap nine when he spun in turn four. With 21 laps to go, Martin led Melenhorst, Foster, Holmes, Smith, McFerran, Swartzenburg, Gettliffe, Young, Paxton, Woodley, Townsend, Shaw, Britt, Bridge, Davies, Tyson, Batchelor, Pickford, Crumbie, Bailey, Clarke, Wolf, Tolton, Phil Givens and Butler.

Once the race went back green, Holmes got by Foster for third while Gettliffe got by Swartzenburg for seventh. Sauble front runner Kevin Bridge also brought his car down pit road and parked it due to mechanical problems. The second caution would then fly at lap 21 when Charlie Smith lost his wheel. Brandon McFerran would hit the wheel, catching the wall and knocking the fan off. With the help of other crews, they’d try to get it back on, but wouldn’t have enough time and as a result, McFerran would be done for the day. Smith was also done for the day, too. With nine laps to go, Martin led Melenhorst, Holmes, Foster, Gettliffe, Swartzenburg, Belanger, Paxton, Woodley, Young, Shaw, Butler, Tyson, Britt, Davies, Pickford, Bailey, Batchelor, Townsend, Crumbie, Clarke, Wolf, Tolton and Givens.

Martin ran away with the lead on the restart ahead of Melenhorst, Holmes and Foster while Butler, Paxton and Swartzenburg ran three-wide for fifth. Butler would grab the spot ahead of Swartzenburg and Paxton before the caution came out with two to go for Shaw spinning in turn two.

On the restart, Brad Martin got another good restart and took the win single-handidly. Justin Holmes got second while Doug Butler got back up to third. Ben Melenhorst and Lance Foster rounded out the top five.

Billy Swartzenburg got sixth followed by Mike Gettliffe, Warren Paxton, Neil Hannah and Dave Bailey.