Following qualifying yesterday, everybody knew that Brad Martin would be one of the drivers contending for the win. He backed that theory up as he would take the victory in the 35-lap Mini Stock feature as part of Sunset Speedway's Velocity 250 weekend.

At the beginning of the feature, it'd be Lance Foster starting on pole, followed by Brad Martin, Kevin Bridge, Cory Young, Justin Holmes, Doug Butler, Brian Love, Charlie Smith, Neil Hannah, Gehrig Haliday, Eric Rainey, Ryan Toon, Kevin Strutt, Dave Crumbie, Trevor Hemingway, Tyler Johnston, Warren Paxton, Brandon McFerran, Terry Woodley, Melinda Thomas and the No. 4.

On lap one, Foster would jump out to the early lead while Martin and Bridge battled for second. Martin would clear Bridge on lap two. The caution would then fly at lap three for Crumbie spinning in turn four.

So with 32 laps to go, it'd be Foster leading Martin, Bridge, Young, Butler, Holmes, Hannah, Love, Smith, Haliday, Toon, McFerran, Paxton, Rainey, Johnston and Strutt.

On the restart, Foster would jump ahead of Martin, Bridge and Young while Butler and Hannah battled for fifth. Their battle would continue back and forth as the leaders began to hit lap traffic. The lap traffic would be where problems would happen as on lap 20, Foster would be trying to lap Dave Crumbie, when they'd come together, resulting in Foster hitting the inside wall. Bridge and Hannah would also be collected. Under caution, Hemingway and Woodley would pit.

So with 15 laps to go, it'd now be Martin leading Young, Butler, Holmes, McFerran, Paxton, Toon, Love, Haliday, Smith, Strutt, Rainey, Johnston, Thomas, No, 4., Woodley, Hemingway, Lisa deLeeuw and Wendy Adams.

On the restart, Martin would lead Butler while McFerran and Young battled for third as Holmes fell back a bit. On lap 21, Young would clear McFerran for third, leaving McFerran to battle with Holmes for fourth. 

On lap 22, Butler and Young would get side-by-side for second. Butler would get loose on lap 24, allowing both Young and Holmes to get by him for second and third. Holmes would try to pass Young on lap 25, though no dice.

The final laps would all belong to Brad Martin as he would take the win, ahead of Cory Young, Justin Holmes, Doug Butler and Warren Paxton. Brandon McFerran finished sixth, followed by Ryan Toon, Brian Love, Charlie Smith and Gehrig Haliday. Strutt was 11th, followed by Woodley, Rainey, Johnston, Thomas and the No 4.