So far this season at Flamboro Speedway, Brandon McFerran has had a year of mixed results.

"First night, we had an amazing run," he says. "We had a whole bunch of people working on the car. It was a bit chilly so the car handled a bit different, but other than that, we went out for the first race of the year and won the heat race."

In the feature, he started ninth and finished third.

However, the two weeks following, he didn't have as good a luck as he got caught in wrecks in the heats while getting boxed in traffic in the features, not being able to make the passes.

He is hoping that at the end of the year, he is sitting in the top five in points with a feature win.

The driver from Acton, Ontario has also ran some races at Sunset Speedway this year. 

On May 12th, McFerran finished second in his first heat and won the second heat, 

"Feature – we were wicked fast; started 16th and made it up to fifth," he says.

This past weekend in the first round of the McColl Racing Shootout Series, McFerran finished third in his first heat, fourth in his second heat and finished eighth in the feature. He is hoping to travel some more season. 

"Depends on the car we have, what kind of motor we have," he adds.

The driver of the No. 64 Marlin Travel, Peter D. Laird Transport and Absolute Wet Mini Stock is also hoping to move up to Limited Late Models or Thunder Cars in the next five years. 

"Really love to be in one of those," he says. "Got the chance to drive Steve Laking’s late model last year; I just went out and messed around a little bit, but it was still fun."

He also got the chance to drive Brian Wilson Jr.'s Super Stock this past weekend at Sunset Speedway.

McFerran calls Jimmie Johnson his hero and says the biggest lesson he's learned in racing is to be patient. 

"If you’re not patient, you’re not going anywhere," he says.

Outside of racing, he enjoys playing road hockey, football and long boarding.