In just his sixth start driving his new chassis, 13-year-old Brandon McFerran has picked up his third career feature victory. It marks his second at Sunset after winning earlier this month, to go with a win he got at Flamboro Speedway. The victories have all came in a row with a victory at Sunset to start the month, followed by a win at Flamboro and then a win at Sunset once again behind the wheel of his No. 64 Peter D. Laird Transport and John McFerran Trucking Ford Mustang.

“I was just praying for this race to end. It was the longest race of my life,” the teenager would say in victory lane.

For the most part, he made his passes using the second and third groove on the 3/8th mile.

“I love the outside of this track,” he says. “That’s how you carry all of your speed and that’s how I passed most of them.”

In a repeat of his win earlier this year at Sunset, it’d be come down to a battle with Warren Paxton, in which McFerran commented saying that he loves racing against Paxton due to how clean they run each other.

In the first heat, it’d be Nicole Podewils driving her No. 79 Fox’s Bakery and Deli, Central Appliance, Barrie ChemDry and Permatex Mustang to victory lane. Points leader Eric Yorke would finish second, followed by Brandon McFerran, Doug Butler and James Low. Gehrig Haliday would finish sixth, followed by Dan Britt, Brandon Chamberlain, Lisa deLeeuw, Brad Burleigh and Joe Dunlop.

In the second heat, Warren Paxton would drive his No. 33 Blue Mountain Honda, J.F. Kitching & Son Haulage, Georgina Auto Glass, CB Services and Team Adam – Racing for Autism Awareness Civic to victory lane following being involved in last week’s wreck. Rob Krystal would finish second, followed by Clyde Doucette, Brian Love and Terry Clodd. Ken Townsend would finish sixth, followed by Ryan Goddard, Tyler Johnston, Mike Robinson Jr., Scott Burlovich, Eric Rainey and Travis Watters.

In the third heat, there’d be a caution right away when Brandon Chamberlain would go for a spin. In the end, the win would go to McFerran, followed by Podewils, Butler, Low and Yorke. Haliday would finish sixth, followed by Britt, deLeeuw, Dunlop and Chamberlain. Burleigh would fail to finish after bringing his No. 05 Rusty’s Racing and Major Auto Clean Dodge Daytona down pit road before the end of the heat.

The final heat would go to Rob Krystal as he would drive his No. 99 Taurus Property Maintenance, Grass Pro Plus and Dan’s Scrap Civic to victory lane. Paxton would finish second, followed by Townsend, Doucette and Clodd. Love finished sixth, followed by Goddard, Robinson Jr., Rainey, Johnston and Watters.

When it came feature time, it’d be Lisa deLeeuw starting on pole in her No. 84 Mustang on pole, followed by Gehrig Haliday, Ken Townsend, Brandon Chamberlain, Tyler Johnston, Terry Clodd, Mike Robinson Jr., Ryan Goddard, Brian Love, Dan Britt, James Low, Rob Krystal, Eric Yorke, Nicole Podewils, Brandon McFerran, Doug Butler, Eric Rainey, Brad Burleigh, Joe Dunlop and Travis Watters.

On the green flag, it’d be Gehrig Haliday jumping out in front of the lead as deLeeuw slipped through the pack. By the end of the first lap, Chamberlain would be up to second, followed by Clodd and Townsend while Love and Britt battled for fifth. Love would pass Britt for fifth on lap two while Townsend would be looking for a way by Chamberlain for second. Townsend would complete the pass for second on lap three with Clodd looking for a way by Chamberlain for third.

On lap five while Haliday continued to lead ahead of Townsend, Love would jump up to the third position ahead of Clodd and Paxton while Yorke battled with Chamberlain for position. On lap six, Paxton would pass Clodd for fourth with Yorke looking for a way by Clodd for fifth. Clodd would continue to slip through the field on lap seven while Paxton would begin to look for a way by Love for third. He would pass Love on lap eight, leaving Love to battle with Yorke for fourth.

The first caution would come out on lap nine when Clodd would have a problem and stop on the track. So at this point it’d be Haliday leading in his No. 37 Quaker State Honda Civic, ahead of Townsend, Paxton, Yorke, McFerran, Love, Britt, Chamberlain, Krystal, Low, Podewils and Doucette.

On the restart, there’d almost be another caution when Travis Watters would get his No. 50 Rusty’s Racing Civic into the turn four wall a little, though he kept going.

On lap 12, Haliday would continue to lead ahead of Paxton and McFerran while Love battled with Yorke for fourth. Yorke would complete the pass on lap 13 as McFerran began to look for a way by Paxton for second. Though there’d be another caution as Podewils would spin Low around, collecting Doucette. Doucette would be done for the night with Podewils and Low able to continue. So now it’d be Haliday leading Paxton, McFerran, Love, Yorke, Britt, Townsend, Krystal, Chamberlain, Goddard, Johnston, Rainey, Robinson Jr., Clodd, deLeeuw, Dunlop, Burleigh, Low, Watters and Podewils.

There’d be a caution right after the restart as Dunlop would push Low into the outside turn four wall, ending Low’s night.

On the restart, it’d be Paxton grabbing the lead from Haliday as he began to slip through the field. So by lap 14, it’d be Paxton leading over McFerran, Yorke and Haliday while Krystal and Love battled for position.

On lap 15 with 10 laps to go, McFerran would get alongside Paxton for the lead, completing the pass on lap 18.

So on lap 19 with six laps to go, it’d be McFerran now leading, ahead of Paxton, Yorke, Krystal, Haliday, Love and Podewils while Townsend and Britt battled for position.  Townsend would keep Britt behind him, falling in line on lap 20. Podewils would pass Love on lap 22 just before the caution on lap 23 for Robinson Jr. going for a solo spin in turn two.

On restart, Krystal would run into problems as he’d slow down big time, allowing Podewils, Haliday and Townsend to each move up a position. Though there’d then be another caution as Tyler Johnston would blow the motor.

On the restart, McFerran would jump out ahead of the field while Paxton, Podewils and Yorke battled three-wide for second. In the end, it’d be McFerran taking the checkered flag for the win. Podewils would finish second for her fourth top five with Paxton third for his eighth top five. Yorke finished fourth for his 12th top five in 12 starts this season with Townsend rounding out the top five.

Gehrig Haliday finished sixth, followed by Terry Clodd, Brian Love, Dan Britt and Ryan Goddard. Britt is the only other driver, besides Yorke, that has 12 top 10s in 12 starts this season, while the 10th place finish for Goddard marked his first ever top 10 finish.

Robinson Jr. finished 11th, followed by Chamberlain, Rainey, deLeeuw and Krystal.