For the fourth straight Maple Leaf Monster Jam event, Cam McQueen proved why he is the 2012 Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion, taking the victory in freestyle. McQueen won the Sunday show in Edmonton last weekend, before sweeping all three freestyle events this past weekend in London. 

The freestyle win on Sunday afternoon brings his Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour total up to six, all freestyle victories. Zimmer leads the tally with 10.


"Like I said earlier, it's just parts." 

Brad Allen would be the first driver out in Mega Bite, attacking the track, though missing out on the big mountain known as Mount London. He'd get a score of 16 points.

Allen ran the Sunday show without the body after losing it during the Saturday show.

"Pulled the wheelie, rolled the truck, body tore off," he said. "I'm having a blast."

He also added that it is always a blast to hang out with Team Scream Racing teammate Chris Bergeron.


Aaron Cromer came out second in Krazy Train, also skipping Mount London. He would also be given a score of 16 points.

"A lot of fun," he said. "Just wanted to go out there and have a good time and put a show on for the fans."


Bob Robins would go out in Aftershock, putting in a solid run, also skipping Mount London. The truck did turn off partway through the run, but he was able to continue. He would score 15 points.

"It just stalled," he said. "They shut me off but that's cool."


Chris Bergeron would go out with Brutus, becoming the first to tackle Mount London. He would almost tip off it, but kept going. He would also do a sweet psyclone. He would get a  20 for his effort.

Before his run, he promised to put on a good show.

"Today is Sunday and we don't got anymore so we can tear it up and push it in the trailer cause its MONSTER JAM," he said before his run. 

In working with teammate Jim Koehler, Bergeron said that Kohler told him "parts are parts and that doesn't matter if the fans are happy."


Jon Zimmer was next out in Grave Digger, looking to continue his winning ways, tackling the track in ways previous competitors hadn't. He would be awarded for his efforts with a 25.

Zimmer spoke before the evnet about what it means to be part of Team Grave Digger.

"I grew up as a kid wanting to drive that truck so it's a dream come true."


Cam McQueen and Northern Nightmare came out to finish the show and McQueen put on a performance. He tackled each obstacle at any angle possible, reaching high heights over Mount London. He would be awarded with a 27.

"That was a blast," he said. "One of the keys to winning freestyle is to hit everything every which way possible."

McQueen has already been locked into the 2013 World Finals field in Las Vegas and says he's ready to defend his freestyle crown.

"We got to go defend that title to keep the title on Canadian soil," he said. 


The Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour continues on April 6th and 7th in Hamilton, Ontario. There will be a party in the pits where fans can walk the track and get autographs. Find out all the details and more about the tour at