In the first of two nights of racing at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, it'd be Jim Creten in Bounty Hunter taking racing, while Cam McQueen and Northern Nightmare won Freestyle.

The night featured trouble for 11 of the 16 trucks, though most have noted that they will be ready for the Sunday show. One of the biggest breaks of the evening was Neil Elliott in Maximum Destruction as he would jam the camshaft coming out for introductions. His team has a back-up and will have it in for the Sunday show.


When it came to racing, the trouble would start there as Dawn Creten would roll her truck. Meanwhile, Norm Miller and Batman would be fast qualifier. While McQueen would eventually end up winning freestyle, he did not do well in the first round of racing as he spun out.

Once we got to the semi-finals, it'd be Miller versus Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger for round one, with Todd Leduc in Metal Mulisha versus Creten for round two. Miller and Creten would move on to the finals, with Creten taking the victory. 


In freestyle, Krazy Train would take hold of the hot seat early, though would be knocked off by Creten. However, Creten wouldn't last long in the hot seat as Jon Zimmer would put on a show in freestyle driving Grave Digger, scoring a solid 29. Then he would be followed by Cam McQueen, who also put on a good show, flipping over just before his time was up. The result would be McQueen scoring a 29 also, leaving it to a bonus judge to break the tie. The judge would give McQueen the win. It marks the first win for the 2012 Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion in Toronto.

One of the biggest disappointments of the freestyle show was when Jim Koehler in Avenger would hit the dumpster during a pre-freestyle run parade run, breaking the tire off the truck. Koehler had been hoping to put on a solid show following last year's winning freestyle run on the Sunday. 


So in a whole after both racing and freestyle action, here is the official list of trucks that had issues.

  • Scarlet Bandit(Roll)
  • Instigator(Roll)
  • Rap Attack(Roll)
  • Northern Nightmare(Roll)
  • Storm Damage(Tire)
  • Avenger(Tire)
  • Grave Digger(Tire/Rear end)
  • Wrecking Crew(Front End)
  • Max Destruction(Motor)
  • Batman(Front end/Suspension)
  • Hurricane Force(Rear end)