In his three previous starts in Toronto, Helio Castroneves had finished - 18th, 24th and 17th, despite having one qualifying effort in the top five in 2010. This year, however, the tables turned as he was able to escape the last lap mayhem and come home with a sixth place finish.

"It was very crazy out there today," he says. "I am very proud of the whole Penske Truck Rental team today, my crew, mechanics, engineers, the Chevy engine, everybody did a great job. I think finishing sixth here in Toronto is my best finish so I am pleased with that."

Castroneves added that this is the first time in Toronto that he was able to escape the wrecks. The last lap saw seven different drivers spin in two different spots on the track, though Castroneves escaped the craziness to come home with his third straight sixth place finish.

"Literally no damage on my nose and how things were going today that was good," he continues. "Our car was certainly good enough to finish in the top six and I am glad that we were able to stay out of the wrecks and finish like we did."

Castroneves has always enjoyed coming to Toronto as he enjoys how much the fans support their drivers. 

"They say at the border they are here for Indy, so I say, 'Well let me through, too’," he says.

Moving forward, Castroneves will continue the Canadian swing as the series heads to Edmonton next. Though once he gets back to the ovals, he will have Rick Mears back at his spotter.

"I’m privileged to work with him as he’s not only my mentor, but my spotter on the ovals," Castroneves says "I ask him for a lot of advice and he tells me ‘you’re the driver’…….He’s a racer, he’s good everywhere.”

Mears is one of the people within the Team Penske organization that has helped them get to where they are at the top of the series. However, Castroneves' teammate Will Power says that Mears should be working within the series.

“I think he should be working somewhere with the series to come up with a formula for the ovals as far as the downfalls. He’s been around so he knows," he says.