After Ryan Anderson’s dominating performance on Saturday night, a lot of people wondered whether he could be beat. Turns out, it is possible as Chad Tingler and Grave Digger was consistent throughout the entire event on the tricky track, taking the victory.

“Anytime you go out versus this competition, you better be on your game,” Tingler said. “I haven’t been here since ’06 and I got to come this year. I’m having fun so far as I love these fans.”

When it came to the initial qualifying for the event, it’d be both Ryan Anderson (Son UVA Digger) and Tingler timing in with a 20.69 seconds.

  1. Chad Tingler in Grave Digger – 20.69
  2. Ryan Anderson in Son UVA Digger – 20.69
  3. Rod Schmidt in Monster Mutt Rottweiler – 21.56
  4. Neil Elliott in Maximum Destruction – 21.69
  5. Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare – 21.81
  6. Chuck Werner in El Toro Loco – 22.22
  7. Jim Tracy in Higher Education – 23 seconds
  8. Scott Lillycoat in Dragon’s Breath – 23.16
  9. Trey Myers in Iron Warrior – 23.59
  10. Bob Robbins in Aftershock  - 23.52
  11. Jim Koehler in Avenger​
  12. Taryn Laskey in Monster Mutt Dalmatian
  13. Brad Allen in Mega Bite
  14. Cory Rummel in Spike – 26.03
  15. Steve Koehler in Wrecking Crew – 27.81
  16. Lloyd Twitchell in Krazy Train – DNF

Lloyd Twitchell didn’t finish his run due to running into mechanical problems. He wouldn’t make it for the first round of the racing bracket either, though repaired the issue before freestyle.

Steve Koehler didn’t have that good of a run due to breaking the front driveshaft. He would pull Wrecking Crew out of the stadium and the Team Scream team went to work fixing it. He missed the rest of racing, though got back out for freestyle.


Round 1

Tingler gets a bye run due to Twitchell not being able to run
Lillycoat betas Laskey
McQueen beat Allen
Elliott beat Robbins
Schmidt beat Rummel as Rummel went into the turn too hot
Werner beat Jim Koehler
Myers beat Tracy
Anderson gets a bye run due to Steve Koehler not being able to run


Round 2:

Tingler beats Lillycoat
McQueen beats Elliott as Elliott has issues, pulling off early
Schmidt beats Werner
Anderson beats Myers



Tingler beat McQueen as McQueen put it up on two wheels off jump, yet brought it back down
Schmidt beats Anderson as Anderson takes final corner too tight and goes for a nice jump cross course


As a result, the finale would put Chad Tingler in Grave Digger up against Toronto’s winningest driver Rod Schmidt in Monster Mutt Rottweiler.

In the end, it’d be Tingler taking the win as Schmidt came around the final corner too tight and went for a pre-freestyle jump.