After watching teammate Brad Allen take the victory on Saturday afternoon, Chris Bergeron stepped it up on Sunday and took the victory in the Wheelie competition. It marks Bergeron's first victory of the 2013 Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour.

"Been trying to get a win all weekend," he said. "I just got angry and went after it."

Allen was the first truck out, looking for his second Maple Leaf Monster Jam Wheelie Victory.  He would stand the truck on it's back lid, twisting partway through, though landed it on all four tires. He was given a score of 26 points.

Aaron Cromer was the second driver out in Krazy Train, though ran into some slight issues getting the truck on top of the stack of cars. As a result, he was given 24 points.

Bob Robbins was next in Aftershock, scoring 15 points as he'd go over the cars, but didn't articulate wheelie form.

Bergeron would be the next driver out, standing the truck up from the start of the car stack all the way till the end, landing the truck just in time before going out of bounds. He would be given a score of 29 points.

Jon Zimmer, who had won yesterday evening's wheelie competition, came out strong, though never got the nose all the way up. He was given 22 points.

Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare was the last truck to go and he started off well, however got the right rear caught up on Mount London, causing the wheelie to not go as according to plan. He was given 27 points.


As a result, as previously mentioned, Bergeron would given the victory.