Going into the day for the Battlefield Equipment Rentals Four Funs, Chis Mulders was the favourite as he currently leads the division points at Peterborough Speedway, 16 points over Tiffany Vanderbell.


In the first heat, the No. 1 would take the win, followed by No. 80, Mulders and Andrew Massey.

In the second heat, Mulders would take the win, followed by Ryan Oosterhoct, Vanderbell, Peter Moore and No. 19


In the feature, Mulders would start on pole, as a result of his qualifying effort, followed by Oosterhoct, No. 80, Vanderbell and No. 19.

Mulders will led with Oosterhoct second on lap five, however the No. 80 had fallen out of the top five as he was passed by Vanderbell, No. 19 and Rob Gosse. Vanderbell would catch up to Oosterhoct and try to make a pass, but no dice. 

On lap 19, Peter Moore would pull into the infield with problems while Massey had passed Gosse for fifth. 

On the last lap, Vanderbell was continuing to look for a way around Oosterhoct and drove the car into turn one hard, slid it sideways and managed to save it, keeping her position.

Mulders would lead all 25 laps on the way to the victory with teammate Oosterhoct second. They will now start the Autumn Colors feature in October on the front row. Vanderbell got third with the No. 19 fourth to qualify for a provicional for the event. Massey finished fifth with Gosse in sixth.