Press Release By: Kelly Stewart/Cronan Motorsports PR


Do you have a hunger?

A hunger to win?

A hunger to succeed?

What about an actual hunger that you and your children feel when you can’t afford to eat?

This isn’t just a question for many in our community. It’s a sad reality for thousands who, with of lack of employment and the dramatic increase in the cost of living can’t afford to eat, especially as the holiday season approaches.

The Barrie Food Bank has helped over 27,000 of our neighbors in Barrie and surrounding communities this 2012 year alone answer that question with an astounding NO! We are no longer hungry!

The local Food Bank and many of its kind help thousands with one of the basic necessities of life, food; something that most of us take for granted daily. This isn’t an easy task for the Food Bank with an increase in users over 30% this year, they need over 55,000 pounds of food each month to meet the growing demand and need.

Cronan Motorsports, The Lockeroom Sports Bar Grill, Women and Stride Physiotherapy, and King Beer have stepped up to tackle this question and are making sure no one answers yes again.

Sunday November 18th 2012 at the Lockeroom Sports Bar and Grill help local racing team, Cronan Motorsports fill their 2011 Limited Late Model with non perishable food donations and put an end to hunger. Check out the car in front of The Lockeroom Sports Bar and Grill at 201 Cundles Road East in Barrie (Zehrs Plaza). Put some food in the car and have your name entered into draws to win some cool prizes.

Afterwards come on into the Lockeroom to celebrate the end of the NASCAR season with pools, draws, good food and drink! Race kicks off at 2pm.

The holidays are weeks away, don’t let our neighbors go hungry this festive season. Help fill the race car and don’t let anyone answer yes to being hungry.

For questions on how to donate, or how to get involved please contact Kelly Stewart at 705 331 3479 or

Check out more at

Spread the word to your friends and family, and end hunger today!