“Coming into the year, I wanted to beat Randy Rusnell one night and tonight, I kicked his ass.”

After coming close, Dan Archibald would finally seal the deal as he picked up his first career Super Stock victory at Sunset Speedway after taking the lead on start.

Archibald started off the night by winning the first heat ahead of Donny Munce, Paul Geniole Jr., Dennis Cybalski, Steve Wilson, Nicole Johnston and Coltin Everingham.

The second heat saw a caution as Tim Leftler spun Johnny Morrison on the second lap. Nick Tooley also went for a spin on the final lap. Randy Rusnell picked up the win ahead of Lane Zardo, Matt Bentley, Paul Maltese, Morrison, Leftler, Tooley and Dusty Richardson.

Archibald went for the daily double ahead of Geniole Jr., Cybalski, Munce, Wilson, Johnston and Everingham.

The final heat saw a caution on lap eight when Morrison spun in turn two due to contact from Bentley. Rusnell went for the daily double ahead of Maltese, Zardo, Bentley, Tooley, Leftler, Morrison and Richardson.

Come feature time, Steve Wilson started pole followed by Tooley, Cybalski, Archibald, Munce, Geniole Jr., Morrison, Maltese, Bentley, Zardo, Leftler, Rusnell, Everingham and Richardson.

Wilson held the early lead while Archibald made his way up to second ahead of Cybalski, Geniole Jr. and Maltese. Behind them, Nick Tooley would get sideways due to contact from behind, possibly from Bentley. Morrison would then have no where to go, making contact with the front of Tooley. Then, Munce would also make contact, resulting in his car getting up off the ground on Tooley’s and then when Munce landed, he made contact with the front stretch wall. The result was heavy back end damage for Munce and heavy front end damage for Tooley, both drivers done for the night.

On the restart, Dan Archibald grabbed the lead ahead of Wilson and Geniole Jr. Wilson and Geniole Jr. continued to battle side-by-side for second while Cybalski, Maltese and Zardo went three-wide behind them for fourth. Geniole Jr. took over second behind Archibald on lap five while Zardo, Wilson and Maltese battled three-wide for third. Maltese grabbed third on lap six ahead of Zardo while Wilson battled side-by-side with Rusnell for fifth.

Rusnell moved into fifth on lap seven, and then made his way up into fourth on lap 17 with a pass by Zardo. Rusnell continued his climb to the front, passing Geniole Jr. on lap 26. Rusnell would try to wheel Archibald in the final laps, however was not able to do it successfully.

Dan Archibald gets his first career win ahead of Randy Rusnell, Paul Geniole Jr., Lane Zardo and Paul Maltese. Dennis Cybalski finished sixth, followed by Matt Bentley, Steve Wilson and Johnny Morrison.