Daryl Fice has already solidified himself as one of the best Mini Stock racers across the province. He continued to solidify that statement by winning his second straight Autumn Colors Classic feature.

In the first heat on Friday night, Barrie Speedway’s William Davies would take the win, followed by the 47, Dean Curry, Gehrig Haliday, the 97, Daryl Fice, Tolton and the 6.

In the second heat, Capital City Speedway’s Casey Cavanagh would win the race, followed by John Van Dyk, Brandon McFerran, the 16, Adam Misner, the 6, the 52 and Trevor Hemingway.

In the third heat, Justin Bierworth would take the win, followed by Neil Hannah, Bruce Wheeler, Tim Tolton, the 67, Kevin Strutt, the 12 and the 72.

The fourth heat would go to Peterborough’s Alex Lees, followed by Charlie Smith, Chris MacDonald, Ken Townsend, Ryan Toon, the 40, the 33 and the 8.

In the fifth heat on Saturday afternoon, Fice would take the win.

In the sixth heat, it’d be Barrie Speedway’s Adam Misner crossing the line first ahead of Cavanagh, the 16, McFerran, Van Dyk, the 6, the 52 and Hemingway. Misner would be disqualified in post-race technical inspection due to illegal tires, handing the win over to Cavanagh.

In the seventh heat, Bierworth would spin Strutt on lap three. Bierworth would bring his car down pit road on lap six. It’d be Hannah taking the win ahead of Tim Tolton, 12, 67, Strutt and the 72.

In the eighth and final heat, the 40 would get sideways and come down the track, sending Lees hard into the outside turn four wall. Lees would spend the night overnight at the hospital, though would be okay. It was a bad luck deal considering that Lees had locked a front row starting spot for the feature virtue of his top two finish in the Chase for the Colors event earlier this year. Warren Paxton would get the win ahead of MacDonald and the 8.

Misner would take the B-Main ahead of Bobby Tolton, the 6 and the 40 to make the A-Main. Hemingway, the 52 and Bruce Wheler would be sent to the house. To make the show, the 40 sent Hemingway down the backstretch grass on the last lap. However, virtue of Lee’s incident earlier in the day, Hemingway would be put in the field as the last car to qualify.

Virtue of his qualifying effort in the Chase for the Colors event earlier this year, Daryl Fice would start on the pole on Sunday’s A-Main. He would grab the early lead ahead of Casey Cavanagh, Neil Hannah, Chris MacDonald and William Davies. Davies would fall back two spots on lap eight after being passed by both Neil Hannah and Bruce Wheeler.

The first caution would come out on lap 10 when the No. 8 car spun. Under caution, Hemingway would make a pit stop. With 40 laps to go, it’d be Fice leading Cavanagh, Hannah, MacDonald, Charlie Smith, Wheeler, Davies, Warren Paxton, Brandon McFerran, Justin Bierworth, Dean Curry, Tim Tolton, the 16, Ken Townsend and the 97.

On the restart, Cavanagh would grab the lead from Fice ahead of Hannah, MacDonald, Smith, Davies and McFerran. The second caution would then fly at lap 15 for Bobby Tolton and Ken Townsend spinning on the backstretch in an incident started by the 97. The 8 was also involved, suffering enough damage to end his race. With 35 laps to go, it’d be Cavanagh now leading Fice, Hannah, MacDonald, Smith, Davies, McFerran, Curry and the 40.

On the restart, Fice would grab the lead back from Cavanagh ahead of MacDonald, Hannah, McFerran and Davies. The third caution would then fly on lap 18 for Hemingway and Bobby Tolton wrecking in turn two. With 32 laps to go, it’d be Fice leading Cavanagh, MacDonald, Hannah, Smith, McFerran, Davies, Curry and Paxton.

On the restart, Fice would continue to lead while Paxton would pass Curry for eighth. Paxton would continue to run strong all the way till lap 39, when contact between him and Bobby Tolton, who was a lap down, would end the race for Paxton and Bobby Tolton. The 40 would also be involved. So with 11 laps to go, it’d be Fice leading Cavanagh, MacDonald, Hannah, McFerran, Smith, Bierworth and Davies.

On the restart, Fice would hold off all challenges and on lap 47 with three to go, both MacDonald and Hannah would pass Cavanagh for second and third. The 16 would spin on the front stretch while Townsend would spin in turn one, but there’d be no caution thrown.

In the end, it’d be Daryl Fice picking up his second straight Autumn Colors classic feature victory ahead of Chris MacDonald and Neil Hannah. Casey Cavanagh got fourth with Charlie Smith fifth.