While last year’s first annual running of the Garry Reynolds Memorial only included a 100 lap invitational for the Late Models, this year’s running was changed to include the 50 lap invitational for the Thunder Cars. The result was spectacular racing put on by the best of Barrie Speedway, against others from different tracks in Ontario.

In the end, it’d be Dave Doucette picking up his second straight feature win of 2012 after winning last weekend.

In the first heat, the action would pick up right away as on lap eight when Doucette went three-wide with Donny Brandon, he’d send Mike Langley for a spin. In the end, it’d be Barrie Speedway’s points leader Rick Walt taking the win, followed by Sauble’s Joe Adams, Sunset’s Matt Bentley, Barrie’s Jim Belesky and Barrie’s Pistol Pete. Brandon would finish sixth, followed by Leonard Johnston, Doucette and Langley. After the checkered flag, Johnston and Langley would tangle in turn one.

In the second heat, there’d be more action when Brian Wilson Jr. would spin Luke Gignac on lap six. In the end, it’d be another Barrie Speedway driver taking the win in the form of Brian Murray. Sunset’s Dan Archibald finished second, followed by Barrie’s Desi Walt, Barrie’s Shawn Goggins and Sunset’s Herb Walters. Jason Elliott finished sixth, followed by Peter Gettliffe, Wilson Jr., and Gignac.

In the third heat, the action would continue after Langley cut a tire in turn four, following contact with Adams. Then on the last lap, it’d be flat tire mayhem as Bentley would cut Walt’s tire following contact in turn one. Then also in turn one, Adams would receive a cut tire following contact with Belesky. In the end, it’d be Dave Doucette picking up the heat win, followed by Bentley, Adams, Belesky and Barrie’s Johnston. Brandon and Pete would round out the field.

The final heat would run clean with Sunset’s Herb Walters taking the win, followed by Archibald, Elliott, Murray and Goggins. Desi Walt finished sixth, followed by Gignac, Wilson Jr. and Gettliffe.

When it came to feature time, the top eight qualifiers based on the heats would be put through a unique invert. Each driver would be required to pick a Frisbee and when they flipped it over, the number on the back would tell them their starting position. Top qualifier Matt Bentley would draw the fourth Frisbee while Dave Doucette drew pole.

So it’d be Dave Doucette starting on pole, followed by Herb Walters, Joe Adams, Matt Bentley, Dan Archibald, Desi Walt, Brian Murray, Jim Belesky, Leonard Johnston, Jason Elliott, Pistol Pete, Shawn Goggins, Rick Walt, Brian Wilson Jr., Daryl St. Onge, Luke Gignac, Donny Brandon, Peter Gettliffe and Mike Langley.

Right from the start, Doucette would jump ahead of the field, in front of Walters, Adams, Bentley and Archibald. On lap two, Adams would get alongside Walters for second, however their battle would be cut short when St. Onge went for the spin. Both Desi Walt and Johnston would head down pit road.

So with two laps in the books, it’d be Doucette leading Walters, Adams, Bentley, Archibald, Murray, Belesky, Elliott, Pete, Rick Walt, Brandon and Goggins.

On the restart, Doucette would once again jump ahead of the field while Walters and Adams battled for second. Adams would pass Walters on lap seven, though Walters would pass Adams back on lap nine. Bentley also made his way by Adams for third on lap 11.

There’d be a caution on lap 23 when Brandon would go for a spin after leaking some gas on the racing surface. Under caution, Johnston, Belesky and Gettliffe would make their way down pit road. At this point, it was still Doucette leading Walters, Bentley, Adams, Archibald, Rick Walt, Murray, Elliott, St. Onge and Murray.

On the restart, there’d be another caution after Murray cut a tire after going three-wide with Rick Walt and Archibald. Meanwhile, Gettliffe would pull his car behind the wall. So now it was Doucette leading Walters, Bentley, Adams, Archibald, Rick Walt, Elliott, St. Onge, Goggins, Pete, Wilson and Langley.

The second attempt at a restart would go well with Walters keeping alongside Doucette for the lead. They’d race side-by-side for two laps before Doucette would once again keep Walters at bay, ahead of Bentley while Adams and Rick Walt battled for fifth. Walt would complete the pass on lap 26.

The top five would then go single-file with Doucette leading Walters, Bentley, Rick Walt and Adams, while Archibald battled side-by-side with St. Onge for sixth on lap 29. St. Onge would complete the pass on lap 30. St. Onge woud then pass Adams for fifth on lap 34.

Much of the top seven ran single file with the battle to watch being for eighth between Elliott and Goggins. Elliott would win out on that battle on lap 37.

With 10 laps to go, Rick Walt continued his march to the front with a pass on Bentley for third.

On lap 45 with five laps to go, Belesky would run into problems after running side-by-side with Bentley after being lapped. He’d make it to pit road on lap 47.

In the end, it’d be Dave Doucette taking the win, followed by Herb Walters, Rick Walt, Mike Bentley and Daryl St. Onge. Joe Adams finished sixth, followed by Dan Archibald, Jason Elliott, Shawn Goggins, Pistol Pete, Mike Langley and Brian Wilson Jr.