June 7, 2013 - Delaware Speedway PR

Drivers from across the province ventured to Delaware Speedway on Friday night to participate in the annual Open-Ontario Four Cylinder Championship. The night also included two Demar Aggregates Truck features, one of them to make up for the rained-out race from May 31st. The second Demar Aggregates Trucks feature pitted the trucks against the cars of the V8 Stocks. The FT Garage Late Models also raced a 40-lap feature with featured drivers from the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, J.R. Fitzpatrick of Cambridge and Jason Hathaway of Appin visiting in preparation for their big event next weekend.

Jay Doerr (#43) of London won the FT Garage Late Models 40-lap feature, with Jamie Cox (#22) of Dorchester coming in second and Adam Quarrie (#6) in third. Quarrie led the first twenty-two laps of the race before losing the position to Doerr shortly after the race’s only caution flag on lap twenty-two.  Doerr faced a strong challenge in the closing five laps with Jamie Cox inching closer and closer, even putting a fender to the Doerr’s inside on two occasions.

‘It feels real good,’ said Doerr in victory lane.  ‘With the crap luck we had last year it’s great.  I had one of my best friends in racing Jamie Cox behind me and he ran me clean.’

Doerr had strong words, however, for some of the other drivers:

‘The heat race was a bag of crap [tonight],’ said Doerr, referring to heat race crash with Matt Pritiko (#21) of London that left him with a pair of flat tires.  ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these young kids out here, I don’t know what they’re thinking.’

The Open-Ontario Four Cylinders Championship, featuring a large field of drivers from across the province, was won by Cory Young (#36x) of Owen Sound. Billy Schwartzenburg (#86) of Flamboro Speedway led the first  twelve laps of the event before being briefly passed by Young.  Swartzenburg would regain the lead by lap sixteen but it was short lived with Young again rallying back to take the lead again.  Young would hold the lead until lap 29 when the caution flew for spun car in turn two.  On the restart Dave Bailey (#31) of Hagarsville took the lead for one lap before being passed by Young who would go on to win the race.  The event had spectators on the edge of their seats as the three drivers jockeyed for position in the fiercest battle ever seen in the Open-Ontario program.

The Demar Aggregates Trucks completed a race that was postponed just after its first lap on May 31st due to the weather.  Andrew Pocs (#95) led the first lap but was overtaken by Brady Smith (#39) in the second lap. Smith was able to hold off Gary Adriaensen (#55), the top contender in the Trucks division, until the fourteenth lap. Adriaensen led the race until lap sixteen when both he and Trevor Collver (#51), another top contender in the feature, suffered from mechanical problems at the same time. Adriaensen was unable to get back onto the track for the remainder of the feature, opening up a position for first place which was gladly taken by Smith. Piet Blaauboer (#7) finished second and James Marche (#6) finished third.

Adriaensen made his comeback in the second Demar Aggregates Trucks feature, snatching first place for a second time this season.  Adriaensen put on a clinic leading the second place truck by over half a track.  For the first time ever at Delaware Speedway the Trucks competed on the track with the V8 Stocks. James Marche (#6) took second place and Brady Smith placed third. Steve Book (#64) of Brantford proved to be the top running V8 Stock and finished fourth.

Next weekend at Delaware Speedway is the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Weekend. Friday night will feature the FT Garage Late Models, Coca-Cola Super Stocks, and the King of the Hill Spectator’s Race. The highly-anticipated NASCAR Canadian Tire Series EMCO 200 will be held Saturday, June 15 along with a Demar Aggregates Trucks special event.  Earlybird ticket discounts continue to be available until Monday through the speedway website.  For more information visit www.delawarespeedway.com.

-Next race event is next Friday and Saturday, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series weekend.


Open-Ontario Four Cylinder Championship (35 Laps)

Feature Race

Pos. # Name Hometown
1. 36x Cory Young Owen Sound
2. 31 Dave Bailey Hagersville
3. 86 Billy Schwartzenburg Hamilton
4. 69 Denis DeSerrano Cottam
5. 37 Rob Hoskins Harley
6. 88 Jason Tolton Guelph
7. 13 Mike Holmes London
8. 91 Matt Pleil Stratford
9. 3m Marshall Heyergers Dresden
10. 73 Jordan Morris London
11. 92 Kyle Neumeister Stratford
12. 19 Dennis Cremasco Arthur
13. 07 Jack Van Herk Mitchell
14. 20 Ryan Edwards-Kiss Londsborough
15. 58 Gary Triska Straffordville
16. 50 Jo Lawrence London
17. 22 Jeremy Schindel Delaware
18. 71 Gerry Rivait Tilbury
19. 23D Joel Desjardins Chatham
20. 14 RaiAnn McKinlay Chatham
21. 36 Brad Wonnacott Chatham

FT Garage Late Model Feature Race (40 Laps)

Pos # Name Hometown
1. 43 Jay Doerr London
2. 22 Jamie Cox Dorchester
3. 6 Adam Quarrie Dorchester
4. 72 Shawn Thompson Ailisa Craig
5. 24 Stephen Richmond Appin
6. 2 Doug Stewart London
7. 24x Jason Hathaway Appin
8. 27 Mat Box Mississauga
9. 21 Matt Pritiko London
10. 38 Tyler Hendricks Pain Court
11. 82 Justin Demelo London
12. 69 Lloyd Rawlings Windsor
13. 95 Steve March London
14. 51 Philip Nyssen Brantford
15. 5 JR Fitzpatrick Cambridge

Demar Aggregates Trucks Feature Race (25 Laps)

Pos. # (Type) Name Hometown
1. 55(TRK) Gary Adriaensen Belmont
2. 6(TRK) James Marche London
3. 39(TRK) Brady Smith Coldstream
4. 64(CAR) Steve Book Brantford
5. 7(TRK) Piet Blaauboerr Strathroy
6. 95(TRK) Andrew Pocs Tillsonburg
7. 22(TRK) Jeff Denboer London
8. 07(CAR) Jamie Klumper Mitchell
9. 93(CAR) Gary Zwygers Cambridge
10. 172(CAR) Calvin Verheyen Strathroy
11. 57(CAR) Gary Triska Straffordville
12. 51(TRK) Trevor Collver Lucan
13. 77(TRK) Tom Zagorodny London