Following some mechanical problems as of late, Doug Butler would pick up his second feature victory in the last three feature races that he’s won. Both feature victories have come in Mini Stock 35-lap invitational features while he finished 10th on the regular Saturday night of racing. It marks the fourth victory of 2012 for the driver of the No. 10 Nissan 240X.


The first heat of the evening would be won by Peterborough Speedway’s Neil Hannah.


The second heat was won by Flamboro Speedway’s Billy Swartzenburg as he took the win ahead ofPeterborough’s Tyler Junkin,Barrie’s William Davies, the No. 14 and Flamboro’s Amanda Shaw.


The third heat was won by Sunset’s Nicole Podewils in her No. 79 Mustang, followed by Sunset’s Eric Yorke, Hannah, Flamboro’s Scott Simmons and Sunset’s Ken Townsend. The No. 06 finished sixth, followed by Ryan Goddard and Eric Rainey.


The final heat was won by Swartzenburg, ahead of Davies, Junkin, Shaw and the 14.


In the feature, it’d be Junkin and Yorke side-by-side for the lead on the opening lap after the invert and the drop of the green flag. They’d run side-by-side till lap four, when Junkin would take the lead, leaving Yorke to battle for second with Podewils.


The battle for second would go three-wide on lap five between Yorke, Podewils and Hannah. Hannah would make the jump to second, looking for a way around Junkin for the lead on lap six.


Hannah would complete the pass on lap 11 for the lead, leaving Junkin to battle for second now with Swartzenburg. Swartzenburg would pass Junkin on lap 13 for second and Podewils would try to follow, but did not complete the pass. She would be passed by Doug Butler for fourth on lap 16.


So at the halfway mark in the 35 lap feature it’d be Hannah leading Swartzenburg, Junkin,Butlerand Podewils.


On lap 17,Butlerwould pass Junkin for third and Podewils would try to follow suit, though Junkin would hold her off.


The first caution would then come out on lap 20 for Townsend stopping in turn one. Goddard would make his way down pit road under caution.


Under caution, Hannah led Swartzenburg,Butler, Podewils, Junkin, Davies, Yorke, Shaw, the 14, Simmons, the 06, Goddard and Rainey.


On the restart, Hannah would jump out in front of the field whileButlerwould get alongside Swartzenburg for second.Butlerwould complete the pass on lap 21.


The second caution would then come out on lap 23 for Goddard spinning.


Under caution with 12 laps to go, it’d be Hannah leading Butler, Swartzenburg, Podewils, Davies, Junkin, Shaw, Yorke, the 14, Simmons, the No. 1, the No. 06, Goddard and Rainey.


On the restart,Butlerwould grab the lead from Hannah and Podewils would get by Swartzenburg for third. Though her good fortune wouldn’t last for long as she’d go for a spin in turn two on lap 24 to bring out the caution.


So with 11 laps to go in the event, Butler now led ahead of Hannah, Swartzenburg, Davies, Junkin, Shaw, Yorke, the 14, the 1, Simmons, the 06, Goddard, Rainey and Podewils.


On the restart, it’d beButlerleading Hannah, Swartzenburg, Davies and Junkin. Behind them, Shaw and Yorke would get side-by-side for sixth on lap 27 and stay that way all the way till two laps to go, when it’d become a three-wide battle with Podewils.


Though the final lap all belonged to Doug Butler as he’d take the victory. Neil Hannah finished second, followed by Billy Swartzenburg, Tyler Junkin and William Davies.


Nicole Podewils would end up sixth, followed by Eric Yorke, Amanda Shaw, the 14 and Scott Simmons.


The No. 1 finished 11th, followed by the 06, Goddard and Rainey.