Coming off his Garry Reynolds Memorial victory, Doug Butler would win his first heat and finish second in the other heat to be the top qualifier for the 35-lap Mini Stock portion of the Velocity 250. Butler is a past winner of the event, having won it in 2011.

The day didn’t start off quite well as Bob Phinnemore stalled on lap one of the first heat. Once we got that cleared up, Butler won the first heat ahead of Sunset regular Lance Foster, Barrie regulars Justin Holmes and Charlie Smith. Making his first start this year Dan Britt finished fifth followed by Kevin Pickford, Jason Tolton, Corcoran, Kendra Adams and Morgan Robson.

Peterborough Speedway regular Michael Batchelor won the second heat ahead of Sunset regulars Brandon McFerran and Ken Townsend and Flamboro Speedway regular Samantha Shaw. Sunset regular Terry Woodley finished fifth followed by Benjamin Wolf, Kevin Bridge, Neil Hannah, Steve Belanger, Cory Young, Nick Clarke, Brian Love, Chris Free and Candiss Everingham.

Peterborough Speedway regular Neil Hannah won the third heat ahead of Spira Racing’s Billy Swartzenburg, 2013 Sunset Speedway Champion Warren Paxton, Defending race winner Brad Martin and Sunset’s Ben Melenhorst. 2013 Barrie Speedway Champion Mike Gettliffe finished sixth followed by William Davies, Dave Crumbie, the 77, Danny Benedict, Shawn Gerrior, Wendy Adams and Eric Rainey.

The fourth heat started off ugly as Jason Tolton, Kevin Pickford, Doug Butler and Miles Tyson went four-wide, resulting in Pickford going around and damage for both Tolton and Tyson. Justin Holmes went on to take the win ahead of Butler, Smith, Foster, Pickford, Britt, Corcoran, Kendra Adams, Brandon Passer, Bob Phinnemore, Peter Inglis and Morgan Robson.

2013 Varney Motor Speedway Champion Cory Young won heat five ahead of McFerran, Bridge, Belanger, Townsend, Woodley, Shaw, Wolf, Clarke, Batchelor, Free and Everingham.

Ben Melenhorst won the final heat ahead of Swartzenburg, Gettliffe, Martin, Davies, Paxton, Benedict, Crumbie, the 77, Gerrior, Wendy Adams and Eric Rainey.