In the final round of the McColl Racing Enterprises (M.R.E) Pro Series, it’d be Doug Butler taking the victory in the 30 lap Mini Stock feature and the M.R.E Pro Series championship. It marks his second straight McColl series championship after winning the M.R.E Shootout Series Championship last season. It also marks his third feature victory of 2012.


“I couldn’t ask for more,”Butlertold Race Time Radio. “We had a bit of leg there in the third round, and was able to get picked back up in the fourth and was able to bring it around.”


The 2010 Sunset Speedway track champion would begin the night off well in his No. 10 South Barrie Collision, Iconz Computers and Pro Tube Mufflers Nissan 240SX as he’d win the first heat. Barrie Speedway sophomore Justin Holmes finished second, followed by Peterborough Speedway drivers Daryl Fice and Alex Lees. Flamboro Speedway driver Brandon McFerran rounded out the top five. Cole McFadden finished sixth, followed by Bobby Tolton and Cochrane.


In the second heat, the action would start when OSCAAR Modified regular Brandon Crumbie would go for a spin on lap four. Then on lap eight, B. Crumbie would go for a second spin. It’d be Sunset Speedway’s own Warren Paxton taking the win in his No. 33 Blue Mountain Honda, J.F. Kitching & Son Haulage, Georgina Auto Glass, CB Services and Team Adam – Racing for Autism Awareness Civic. Flamboro’s Billy Schwartzenburg would finish second, followed by Sauble’s Corey Young, Flamboro’s Amanda Shaw and Flamboro’s Bill Pearsall. Gehrig Haliday finished sixth, followed by Scott Simmons, Crumbie and David Crumbie.


In the third heat, there’d be a caution on lap five for Barkley Rainy spinning his No. 7 R Family Farm and Northline Cable Chevrolet Cavalier around. It’d be Peterborough Speedway’s Alex Lees taking the win in his No. 07 Mini Stock.Butlerfinished second, followed by Holmes, McFerran and Fice. McFadden finished sixth, followed by Tolton and Cochrane.


In the final heat of the afternoon, it’d be Schwartzenburg taking the win in his No. 86x Spira Fire Protection, Chetty’s Hot Sauce, Nuco and Roof Trusses & Components Mustang. Young finished second, followed by Paxton, Pearsall and Shaw. Brandon Crumbie finished sixth, followed by Haliday, Simmons and David Crumbie.


In the feature, it’d be Amanda Shaw starting her No. 81 Lucas Oil, Spira Fire Protection, Rockwood Roof Trusses, Wix Filters and Fleet Image Mustang on pole. Daryl Fice would start second, followed by Alex Lees, Corey Young, Justin Holmes, Warren Paxton, Billy Schwartzenburg, Doug Butler, Brandon McFerran, Bill Pearsall, Cole McFadden, Gehrig Haliday, Bobby Tolton, Brandon Crumbie, Scott Simmons, Cochrane, Barkley Rainey and David Crumbie.


Fice would jump out to the opening lead while Shaw battled with Lees for second. Lees would get by Shaw for second on lap three for second, leaving Shaw to battle with Holmes for third.


On lap six, Fice would continue to lead over Lees while Holmes completed the pass on Shaw for third as Young ran fifth with Schwartzenburg sixth.


On lap seven, Young would get alongside Shaw for fourth, andButlerwould make that battle three-wide the next lap.Butlerwould pass them both on lap nine, leaving Shaw and Young to now battle for fifth.


On lap 10, Lees would get to the back bumper of Fice for the lead while Holmes ran third, followed by Butler, Schwartzenburg and Shaw. Lees would keep close to Fice asButlerpassed Holmes for third on lap 18.


The first caution would come out that lap when B. Crumbie would go for the spin. So at lap 18 just past halfway, it’d be Fice leading Lees, Butler, Holmes, Schwartzenburg, Shaw, McFerran, Young, Paxton, Pearsall, Haliday, Cochrane, D. Crumbie, Tolton and B. Crumbie.


On the restart,Butlerwould pass Lees for second while Schwartzenburg would get alongside Holmes for fourth on lap 19.


Lap 20 would see the battle for the lead heat up as Fice,Butlerand Lees ran close together. ThoughButlerwould make quick work of that on lap 21, passing Fice for the lead. That left Fice to battle with Lees for second ahead of Schwartzenburg and Holmes.


Butlerwould start to pull a bit of a gap on the field as Lees, Schwartzenburg and Holmes battled for second, making their way pass the lap car of Cochrane. The battle would continue to heat up and come to a climax on lap 25 when Holmes would spin Schwartzenburg. Holmes would get to keep his position in third behindButlerand Lees while Schwartzenburg was put to the rear. B. Crumbie would also bring his Mustang down pit road under caution.


On the restart,Butlerwould jump out to the lead once again while Lees and Fice battled for second. Though the caution would come back out when Pearsall would go around by himself, trying to keep of Schwartzenburg.


At lap 25 with 10 laps to go in the feature, it’d beButlerleading Lees, Fice, Holmes, McFerran, Paxton, Young, Shaw, Haliday, Schwartzenburg, Simmons, McFadden, B. Crumbie, D. Crumbie, Pearsall, Tolton and Cochrane.


On the restart, Holmes would get sideways off of turn four, though managed to make a big save and keep going. Though that’d allow McFerran to get alongside Holmes for fourth, however Holmes held McFerran off. Holmes would then get alongside Fice for third and there’d be contact as they’d wreck coming off of turn two. Holmes got into Fice back in turn four and in turn two, Fice finished it off.


Coming into the event, Fice was leading the points, 18 points overButler. However, Fice would not be able to continue, therefore handing the championship over.


Under caution, both Tolton and B. Crumbie would hit pit road.


On the restart, it’d beButleronce again jumping ahead of the field while Lees ran second, followed by McFerran and Young while Shaw and Paxton battled for fifth.


Doug Butler would lead the final five laps to take the feature victory and the championship, 44 points ahead of Fice.


Alex Lees finished second, followed by Brandon McFerran and Corey Young. The battle between Amanda Shaw and Warren Paxton lasted until the checkered flag with Paxton edging out Shaw at the line.


Billy Schwartzenburg would finish seventh, followed by Brad Pearsall, Gehrig Haliday and Cole McFadden.


Simmons finished 11th, followed by B. Crumbie, D. Crumbie, Tolton, Cochrane, Holmes and Fice.


Credit for all the quotes goes to Race Time Radio. Check out their website at and view the full broadcast from August 27, 2012 that contained the quotes at . 

Photo No. 2 of Doug Butler was taken by Debbie Jo Zardo.