2010 Sunset Speedway Mini Stock Champion and current Barrie Speedway competitor Doug Butler returned to victory lane at Sunset Speedway on Sunday night as he won the Dilley Dog 30.

Butler won the first heat of the night ahead of Charlie Smith, Justin Holmes, Ben Melenhorst, Shawn Gerrior, Brandon Crumbie, Gehrig Halliday, Terry Woodley, Wally Everingham and Doug Wilman.

Brandon McFerran won the second heat of the night ahead of Tyler Junkin, William Davies, Danny Benedict, Billy Swartzenburg, Samantha Shaw, Dave Crumbie, Kevin Strutt, the 19, Chris Free and Ken Townsend.

Justin Holmes won the third heat ahead of Butler, Melenhorst, Smith, Woodley, Brandon Crumbie, Gerrior, Wilman and Everingham.

The final heat had a caution as on lap three, the 19 spun due to contact from Shaw. Swartzenburg wins ahead of McFerran, Davies, Townsend, Shaw, Dave Crumbie, Junkin, Benedict, Strutt, the 19 and Free.

In the feature, Holmes would start pole followed by McFerran, Butler, Smith, Davies, Swartzenburg, Melenhorst, Junkin, Shaw, Benedict, Brandon Crumbie, Woodley, Dave Crumbie, Townsend, Strutt, Everingham, Wilman, the 19, Free and Halliday.

Holmes grabbed the early lead on the start followed by McFerran and Butler while Davies and Swartzenburg battled for fourth. Davies would keep Swartzenburg behind him on lap three, with Swartzenburg trying again and getting by on lap six. Meanwhile, Butler passed McFerran on lap three and then made his way by Holmes on lap six to take the lead.

On lap 10 at the third mark of the race, Halliday pulled off the track.

With 10 laps to go, Swartzenburg passed McFerran for third behind Butler and Holmes. Smith would break into the top five on lap 27 with three laps to go with a pass on Davies as the pair of Barrie Speedway cars battled throughout the entire feature.

At the front, though, it was all Doug Butler as Butler went on to win the Dilley Dog 30 ahead of Justin Holmes, Billy Swartzenburg, Brandon McFerran and Charlie Smith. William Davies got sixth followed by Samantha Shaw, Ben Melenhorst, Tyler Junkin and Danny Benedict.