At the end of the feature for the Pure Stocks, there was a familiar sight at the front of the field. 2010 Sunset Speedway Mini Stock Champion Doug Butler picked up the win in the first annual Garry Reynolds Memorial 30 lap Pure Stock feature. Butler is also a past winner of Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250 invitational and has shown at many big events in the past that he’s a legitimate top contender. This past season, he finished second in points at Barrie Speedway while Mike Getliffe picked up the championship.

Butler started off the night by winning the first heat ahead of fellow Barrie regular Justin Holmes, Sauble’s Kevin Bridge, Barrie’s Jamie Cairns, Barrie’s Jeremy McLean, Dennis Cremasco, Ken Townsend, Scott Schlueter and Peter Gettliffe.

The caution lights flickered in the second heat as on lap four, Dean Curry went around after battling three-wide with William Davies and Adam Misener. Davies had to pull off the track due to a flat tire from the contact.

2013 Barrie Speedway Champion Mike Gettliffe won the heat followed by Chance Isherwood. Isherwood was piloting the No. 71 Mustang from Sunset Speedway that is normally driven by Ben Wolf; Isherwood has past experience at Barrie in both Mini and Thunder Car. Barrie Speedway regular Adam Misener finished third, followed by Sunset’s Brandon McFerran, the 34 and 115.

2012 Barrie Speedway Champion Charlie Smith won the third heat ahead of Sunset’s Ben Melenhorst, 2013 Varney Speedway Champion Cory Young, Barrie’s Brandon Crumbie, the 77x, 50, 31 and Eric Rainey. Wendy Adams started the heat, though pulled off partway through with problems.

The fourth heat didn’t get off to a good start as Schlueter spun out while leading the field on lap one. Then on lap two, Cremasco would spin off of turn four.

Barrie Speedway regular Justin Holmes took the win ahead of Butler, Bridge, McLean, Barrie’s Peter Gettliffe, Townsend, Cremasco and Schlueter.

After his incident in the second heat, Barrie Speedway’s Dean Curry came back to win the fifth heat ahead of Mike Getliffe, Isherwood, McFerran, Misener, 34 and 115. The 115 spun on the last lap, also.

Charlie Smith went for the daily double in the final heat ahead of Melenhorst, Young, Barrie’s Davies, Crumbie, 77x, 50, 31, Rainey and Adams.

With the heats in the books, Charlie Smith was announced as top qualifier ahead of Butler, Holmes, Mike Gettliffe, Melenhorst, Isherwood, Bridge and Young. Though following the Frisbee invert, Mike Gettliffe drew pole ahead of Melenhorst, Butler, Young, Holmes, Smith, Isherwood and Bridge. Misner would start ninth after qualifying there followed by McFerran, Cairns, Curry, Crumbie, McLean, 34, 77x, Davies, 50, 115, Cremasco, Townsend, Peter Gettliffe, 31, Schlueter, Rainey and Adams.

Melenhorst grabbed the early lead ahead of Butler while Mike Getliffe and Young battled for third. Getliffe held Young off while Smith and Holmes battled for fifth on lap five.

At the front, Butler had caught Melenhorst and got alongside him for the lead till the first caution at lap seven. The yellow flag waved when Misener wrecked Smith on the backstretch, collecting Curry, Bridge and Isherwood in the process. Misener, Curry and Isherwood were done for the event while Smith and Bridge were able to continue. With 23 laps to go, Melenhorst led Butler, Mike Gettliffe, Young, Holmes, McFerran, Cairns, McLean, Davies, 77x, 34, Cremasco, Schlueter, Townsend, Peter Gettliffe, 50, 31, Crumbie, Smith, Bridge, 115, Rainey and Adams.

On the restart, Melenhorst and Butler continued their battle with Butler taking the lead on lap nine while Young and Gettliffe battled for third. Gettliffe once again held off Young, leaving Young to battle side-by-side with Holmes for fourth. The battle was short lived as the caution flew once again on lap 13 for Schlueter spinning. With 17 laps to go, Butler led Melenhorst, Mike Gettliffe, Holmes, Young, McFerran, Cairns, McLean, 77x, Cremasco, Smith, Crumbie, Townsend, 34, 50, Davies, 31, Bridge, Peter Gettliffe, Rainey, 115 and Adams.

On the restart, Butler once again grabbed the lead ahead of Melenhorst while Gettliffe and Holmes battled for third. Holmes would get by Gettliffe on lap 17 while Smith moved his way into seventh. Smith would then move into sixth on lap 25 with a pass on McFerran.

Though in the end, it was all Doug Butler as he picked up the victory. Ben Melenhorst finished second, followed by Justin Holmes, Mike Gettliffe and Cory Young.

Charlie Smith finished sixth followed by Brandon McFerran, Jeremy Cairns, William Davies and Jeremy McLean. Brandon Crumbie finished 11th followed by the 77x.