The first two years of the Garry Reynolds Memorial saw Mike Bentley win with Dwayne Baker finishing second. For the third year of the event, the roles were reversed. With a pass for the lead with 27 laps to go, Dwayne Baker would win the Garry Reynolds Memorial ahead of Mike Bentley. 

The first heat didn’t start off smoothly as Junior Farrelly would spin trying to go three-wide with Taylor Holdaway and Nick Goetz.

Barrie Speedway regular Ron Quesnelle took the win, though wasn’t driving his normal car; he was driving a Late Model previously piloted by Jason Tremble. Sunset Speedway regulars Goetz and Holdaway finished second and third, followed by Barrie regular Ian Bourque, Sauble’s Marvin Freiburger, Frank Davey, Farrelly, Sam Reckzin, Glen Lloyd and Rob Black.

The second heat started off with a bang as Mike Brown got into the front stretch wall, resulting in him being done for the night.

2013 Sunset Speedway Champion and two-time Garry Reynolds Memorial winner Mike Bentley took the win ahead of 2013 Barrie Speedway Champion Gord Shepherd, Sunset regular Dwayne Baker, Peterborough regular Cory Horner, Barrie regular Andre Pepin, Roy Manary, Mike Langley and John Mitchell.

The third heat started off the same as the previous heats with Nick Roth spinning on lap one. Then on the restart, Al Inglis spun in turn one due to contact from J.P. Josiasse. The second restart didn’t go that well either as Tyler Liscum got a bad restart, bottling up the field with Gary Elliott spinning Roth in the process, collecting Josiasse. Josiasse didn’t get to finish the heat though as further down the line, he pulled into the infield with a flat due to contact with Mark Dixon. Lane Zardo also pulled off early due to mechanical problems.

On the last lap, Tom Gibbons spun Liscum, resulting in the caution and checkered coming out at the same time. Sunset Speedway regular Scott Beatty took the win ahead of Barrie’s Thayne Hallyburton and Darin Malcolm, followed by Sauble’s Gibbons and Barrie’s Inglis.

Taylor Holdaway won the third heat ahead of Quesnelle, Goetz, Davey, Farrelly, Bourque, Freiburger, Reckzin, Lloyd and Black.

Mike Bentley went for the daily double ahead of Pepin, Shepherd, Shawn Chenoweth, Baker, Horner, Manary, Langley and Mitchell.

The last heat didn’t start off that well as Dixon got sideways on lap one, spinning Inglis. In the aftermath, Liscum spun, collecting Zardo. Then on lap six, Roth spun to draw the second caution of the heat. Dixon and Inglis both pulled off due to damage to their vehicles.

Barrie Speedway regular Thayne Hallyburton won ahead of Gibbons, Beatty, Elliott, Zardo, Josiasse, Roth, Malcolm and Liscum.

As a result of there being over 24 cars in attendance, a b-main was run to help determine the starting order for the feature.

It didn’t go smoothly, though, as on lap six, Reckzin spun Chenoweth. On the restart, Dixon would spin Lloyd. On the second restart, Zardo got loose and got up into Inglis, though the caution came out for Langley heading down pit road. He was only trying to avoid them and would pull back out on track. Dixon, meanwhile, he went down pit road and was done for the day due to the extensive damage to his machine. The third restart, well, it went like the previous ones as Chenoweth, Lloyd, Reckzin and Mitchell wrecked together off of turn four. Do you want to guess what happened the fourth restart? If you guessed another caution, you win. Inglis got called on jumping the start while Mitchell got into Reckzin.

The fifth restart was a go and Lane Zardo led the final four laps to win the B-Main ahead of Inglis, Farrelly, Langley, Chenoweth, Black, Reckzin and Lloyd. The win capped off Zardo’s day following his troubles earlier. In practice, John Mombourquette took the No. 6 Late Model out for some practice laps. However, it didn’t go well as contact with Gibbons resulted in Mombourquette hitting the wall and sustaining heavy right front damage. The crew worked through the rest of practice and up till the first heat to have the car ready so Zardo could race it.

Come feature time, it was announced by Barrie Speedway officials that 2011 Barrie Speedway Champion Ron Quesnelle was top qualifier. However, double checking the heat results, it appears that two-time Garry Reynolds Memorial winner and 2013 Sunset Speedway Champion Mike Bentley was. Scott Beatty was the third highest qualifier ahead of Taylor Holdaway, Gord Shepherd, Nick Goetz, Thayne Hallyburton and Marvin Freiburger.

When it came time for the Frisbee inversion, Mike Bentley drew pole followed by Beatty, Goetz, Shepherd, Freiburger, Hallyburton, Quesnelle and Holdaway. Then going back to qualifying, Pepin would start ninth followed by Elliott, Baker, Malcolm, Bourque, Horner, Gibbons, Davey, Manary, Roth, Zardo, Inglis, Farrelly, Langley, Chenoweth, Black, Reckzin and Lloyd.

Bentley grabbed the lead on the start ahead of Beatty while Shepherd and Goetz battled for third. Shepherd cleared Goetz on lap two while Freiburger and Hallyburton battled for fifth. Freiburger cleared Hallyburton on lap three while Quesnelle and Holdaway battled for seventh. Quesnelle cleared Holdaway on lap four ahead of Baker and Elliott’s battle for ninth. Baker would clear Elliott on lap seven ahead of Pepin, Malcolm, Horner and Davey while Bourque and Gibbson battled for position mid-pack.

The top half stayed pretty much single-file, working their way through lap traffic, till Shepherd got alongside Beatty on lap 15. Beatty was able to hold Shepherd off, but Shepherd got back alongside Beatty on lap 19, clearing him on lap 20 for second behind Bentley. Meanwhile, Baker got alongside Quesnelle for eighth, passing him on lap 21. On lap 25, both Hallyburton and Holdaway slipped by Freiburger to move up to fifth and sixth, respectively.

Baker then passed Freiburger on lap 32 to move into seventh, followed by a pass on Holdaway on lap 35 to move into sixth. Baker continued his steady climb through the field, getting alongside Hallyburton for fifth on lap 43, passing him on lap 44. Baker then passed Goetz for fourth on lap 45 with Hallyburton getting by Goetz for fifth on lap 47.

The mandatory 50 lap caution then flew three laps later. Everybody headed down pit road and put in the fuel that they would need for the second half, not allowed to do anything else to their vehicles.

Once the field took the green to restart, Bentley and Shepherd battled side-by-side for the lead with Bentley clearing Shepherd on lap 52. Baker had cleared Beatty for third and got alongside Shepherd, taking the second spot on lap 54. The top 10 then ran single-file with Bentley leading Baker, Shepherd, Beatty, Hallyburton ,Holdaway, Goetz, Freiburger, Pepin and Quesnelle while Malcolm and Horner battled for 11th. Horner would clear Malcolm on lap 60 for the position. Further towards the front, Holdaway would get by Hallyburton for fifth on lap 62. Holdaway then got alongside Beatty on lap 63, passing him on lap 64 for fourth.  Goetz would get alongside Hallyburton for sixth, but wouldn’t be able to slip by.

The second caution of the event would come out on lap 72 when Zardo spun in turn four. With 28 laps to go, Bentley led Baker, Shepherd, Holdaway, Beatty, Hallyburton, Goetz, Freiburger, Pepin, Quesnelle, Horner and Malcolm. Chenoweth was the first car one lap down ahead of Davey, Farrelly, Inglis and Zardo. Roth was the first car two or more laps down ahead of Bourque, Manary and Reckzin.

The restart didn’t go well as Pepin didn’t go, resulting in being sent for a spin by Horner. Behind him, Roth, Manary, Langley, Farrelly and Chenoweth would get caught up in a tangle.

The second restart didn’t go no better as Beatty went for the spin in turn four.

The third restart went flawlessly with Bentley and Baker side-by-side for the lead with Baker taking the lead on lap 73 ahead of Bentley, Shepherd, Holdaway and Hallyburton while Freiburger and Goetz battled for sixth. Goetz cleared Freiburger on lap 81 while Holdaway got alongside Shepherd for third. Holdaway cleared Shepherd on lap 82. Hallyburton tried to follow him through, but was not able to.

Dwayne Baker would lead the final 18 laps of the feature to score his first career Garry Reynolds Memorial. It adds to the accomplishments for Baker as he won the championship at Barrie Speedway last year, the 2012 Autumn Colors Classic Limited Late Model feature, the 2013 Don Biederman Memorial for the OSCAAR Super Late Models and finished third in Sunset Speedway’s standings.

Mike Bentley finished second followed by Taylor Holdaway, Gord Shepherd and Thayne Hallyburton.

Nick Goetz finished sixth followed by Marvin Freiburger, Scott Beatty, Darin Malcolm and Ron Quesnelle.