August 3rd                                                        Race # 17

With much of our crew away on holidays, our Mini Stock team and son, David, made things go smooth for this beautiful sunny day at Sunset Speedway.

Our team had been struggling on the track this season running mid pack and trying hard to get to where we feel we should be running. David has been our main set up man and did awesome tonight giving us the best handling car we’ve had all season.

Mike McColl set up our car at McColl Racing Enterprises in London Ontario on Monday night and found a few major problems that made a difference on our performance this night. David was able to fine tune the car to make it consistent.

We ran strong in our heat races, battling with top five points runner and feature winner #46 Billy Zardo. We raced side by side for 5 laps in the second qualifying event. 

We ran very well tonight for most all of our races, passing cars we struggled with earlier in the season.  We just missed a top 10 feature finish, but took 11th in the 30 lap 22 car field Late Model main event. 

Gehrig ran very well in the Mini Stock races taking 2nd in both of his heat races.  Unfortunately his right front hub broke in the feature forcing him out of the race.  He has done awesome this year still holding on to 4th in the point standings. 

Next week is Fan Appreciation Night and we will be there for the fans handing our Autograph Cards to the kids big and small. 

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