October 11, 12 & 13                                                                                         Race #29

**Final Race Of 2013**

Quaker State Team Very Fast

Qualifies 5th

The 21st annual Autumn Colors Classic was held this past weekend at Peterborough Speedway.  This is the biggest of all end season special events in Canada.  The AC Classic attracts the most cars and fans for this 3 day extravaganza as well as the best racers in Ontario.

Grandstands were packed every day, and though it was cool, fans did not stay away but bundled up for this amazing racing show. 

Gehrig was in shock when I asked him if he wanted to drive our car to pre tech on Thursday night.  He said he could do it, and had experience in his Honda with shifting, a little instruction and he was on his way out on the track to line up for inspection.

Once on the track, Gehrig texted his friends on the wild ride he had, even a 10 MPH.  I told him to go slow as he entered the track to drive all the way around to the tech lane.  He was over the top excited…the roar of the engine at low RPM was a thrill for the future Late Model racer. 

We had a few sets of hot laps on Friday.  There were many cars in the pits, but not as many fans yet, most were still working or on their way.

We made many changes in our car to run against the faster Pro Late Model class.  Our car struggled much of the year at our home track but was very fast everywhere else. 

Our heats were packed with some very strong runners. There were two 2013 track Champions, as well as very strong contenders from 4 different tracks.

Not only did we run strong in our heat races, we held off Jason Shaw and Shawn Chenoweth from Flamboro Speedway as we took 3rd in both of our qualifying races.  The strong finishes gave us 5th overall for qualifying, our best showing at this track in 9 years. 

A mistake when filling our gas caused us to go to the back of the feature on lap one.  Our car was leaking fuel on the track, a mistake that would cost us, but the crew got it fixed quickly and we returned to the track, now starting from last spot.

It was a long charge back to the top 10 in this very short but fast track.  We were able to get into the top 10 on lap 45 of 113 laps.

Our Charge Back Was Strong, Getting To 10th But A Wreck Put Us Out Of The Race


Andrew Smith…… #36

Andrew is one of our biggest fans and his dad Matt is part of our crew.  Matt and a friend built Andrews racing tractors and Andrew had a blast in his Quaker State ride.   Way to go Andrew!!!


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