So close yet so far away. Eric Yorke would catch race leader Warren Paxton in the final laps, however he wasn’t able to make the pass and would finish second in the feature.

Yorke started off the night finishing second and first in his heats.

In the feature, Yorke started in the eighth position and avoided the lap two wreck, staying out of trouble.

On the restart, Yorke would begin his climb to the start, battling three-wide with Brian Love and Terry Woodley on lap three. Yorke would clear Woodley on lap five, yet still battled with Love for the fourth position. That battle turned into a three-wide battle on lap six with Paxton joining the mix, with Paxton passing both Yorke and Love. Yorke would clear Love on the seventh lap to move into the fourth position. Yorke then moved into third on lap 12 just before Morgan Robson blew his motor for the second caution of the feature.

There’d be another quick caution for Nicole Podewils losing her tire though once the race restarted, Yorke was able to hold Gehrig Halliday off to keep in the third position. He then get alongside Steve Belanger on lap 14, passing him to take over the second spot.

As previously stated, Yorke was able to catch up to Paxton as Paxton moved his way through lap traffic, however settled for second as he couldn’t find a way by.

As a result, Yorke moves into second in points, 50 points behind Paxton.

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