BARRIE, ON – Absence may make the heart grow fonder. But in the case of Sean Grosman in 2012, it made his car go faster. Running in just a portion of the Limited Late Model schedule at Sunset Speedway, Miami's Grosman had himself a breakout season, winning one feature, and grabbing a spot at the podium at the LLM Invitational, good enough for eighth overall when all was said and done.

"Our car was very consistent at the end of last season, and we really want to carry that momentum forward for a stellar 2013 campaign," Grosman said. "Really, anything less than a top-5 overall finish will be a disappointment."

When it comes to the people around him, the driver of the number twenty-nine SMG Ventures, Flagship Properties, Rylex Glass and Mirror, Landing Strip, and For Your Eyes Only ride has decided to not mess with his 2012 mojo, keeping his team fully intact, including crew chief Jaime Sutton, and weekly car prepatation by Tom Walters. Tom Walters will also remain his teammate.

"The team worked so well together last year. Why mess with a good thing? We're all coming back to pick up where we left off," Grosman said.

"We had to make a couple of changes to the car, so we had John Stefko from Stefko Racing Services helped us comply with the new rule package, and McColl McColl chipped in with some updates."

As usual, Grosman, dubbed "The Frequent Flyer" by his peers, will be jetting up from Florida to Sunset Speedway for all the races. Despite what would seem to some as a logistical nightmare, Grosman loves the arrangement, and the bond it helps build with his closest team members, sons Kyle, Jesse, and Tyler, and wife Candace.

"It means so much to me to have my family with me at the track," Grosman said. "I may even have my two older boys Tyler and Jesse take a turn at spotting."

If so, they could have a bird's eye view of Dad's best season ever. You can follow Sean this year on his Facebook page, SMG Motorsports, and on his website,

For more information, please contact: Sean Grosman at 305-776-7171
or Jason Abelson at 416-902-1673