There is a reason that Team Grave Digger has the reputation that it has. Dennis Anderson has created a true legacy in the sport with the signature truck, performing at the top of his game for over 30 years. However, when he can’t be in a particular city due to being in another, he knows how to put talented drivers in his trucks that can keep the winning tradition going. Two of the best examples are Gary Porter and Charlie Pauken, but that’s just skimming the list.

Without further ado, here are the recaps from Friday night’s action….


Uniondale, NY

Greg Winchenbach (Crushstation) scored his fourth straight wheelie win with 23 points to kick off the show. Though when it came to racing, Winchenbach wouldn’t take home the win as he was defeated in the finals by Gary Porter (Grave Digger). Porter then went on to score his seventh straight donut victory with 27 points, followed by the freestyle victory with 21 points.


Fargo, ND

Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger) kicked off the night in style with a perfect 30 for his second straight wheelie win. Pauken then defeated Dustin Brown (Iron Man) in the racing final for the win. Pauken then finished his night off in style, winning his fifth straight freestyle in a row.


Charleston, WV

Trent Montgomery stood Iron Outlaw on it’s tailgate to take home the wheelie victory with 26 points. In racing, it was Aaron Basl (Wolverine) taking the win ahead of Darren Mingus (Bounty Hunter) in the finals. Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger) then scored his fourth straight freestyle win with 25 points, one point more than Montgomery and Mingus.


Dayton, OH

Andy Hoffman (War Wagon) kicked off the show with his second straight wheelie win with 22 points, one point more than Ed Edckert (Fullboar). In racing, it was Allen Pezo (Predator) defeating Joey Parnell (Man of Steel) for the racing victory. Randy Brown then kept his donut win streak going as he scored a perfect 30 on the way to his fourth straight win. Brown then scored 26 points for his second straight freestyle win.


Rockford, Il

Marc McDonald stood his bull, El Toro Loco, straight up for 26 points and his fourth straight wheelie win. McDonald kept the winning streak going, defeating Candice Jolly (Monster Mutt Dalmatian) in the racing final for the win while scoring 27 points for the donut win. McDonald would score 25 points in freestyle as he looked for the perfect sweep, but it wouldn’t be enough as Mark Hall (Raminator) scored 26 points for the freestyle win.


Peoria, IL

Morgan Kane kicked off the weekend in style, scoring 24 points on the way to his second straight wheelie win. He then defeated BJ Johnson (Mohawk Warrior) in the finals for the racing win. However, Johnson returned the favor as he scored 23 points in freestyle to Kahne’s 22 points for the victory.