On Friday January 17th, Monster Jam played host to three different shows, which saw some repeat winners and some fresh faces.


In Albany, NY, Greg Winchenbach (Crushstation) took his fourth straight wheelie win with 26 points to Gary Porter (Grave Digger)’s 25 and Whit Tarlton (Monster Mutt)’s 24. Porter then beat Winchenbach in the racing final for his sixth straight racing win. Winchenbach was looking for his fourth straight. When it came to donuts, Porter scored his third straight win with 29 points after an impressive cyclone. Lastly, Greg Winchenbach scored his second straight freestyle victory with 26 points. Porter scored 25 points, seeing his streak of four freestyle victories in a row come to an end.

In Milwaukee, WI, Devin Jones (Barbarian) took the wheelies win with 21 points to Trent Montgomery (Iron Outlaw)’s 20 points. Trent then came back in racing and took the win after beating Jim Bendzick (Thunder 4x4) in the finals. Randy Brown (Grave Digger) then scored his third straight freestyle victory with a score of 27 points.

Lastly in Sacramento, California, Jon Zimmer (Grave Digger) scored his second straight wheelie win with 26 points. John Seasock then scored his second straight racing win after beating Tyler Groth (Double Trouble) in the racing final. Zimmer then scored 23 points for the freestyle win.  


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The Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour officially kicked off this past weekend! Full details at http://www.monsterjamcanada.ca.