Four shows on one night brought lots of success for Team Grave Digger, and a couple others as well.


Little Rock, AR

Mike Miller (Hotsy) stood straight up, teetering for a couple seconds to a score of 27 seconds and the wheelie win. Jeff Murphy (Fatal Attraction) would beat Miller in the racing final for the racing win. Murphy then kept it going, winning donuts with a score of 27. Murphy then capped off the night in the best way possible, scoring 24 points in freestyle for the doubledown.

Washington, DC

Greg Winchenbach (Crustation) kicked off the competition with 27 points for the wheelie win. Though when it came to racing, Winchenbach was defeated in the first round by Jay Snyder (Illuminator). Snyder then went on to defeat Darren Migues (Bounty Hunter) in the racing final for his third straight racing win. In the final event of the night, it was Randy Brown (Grave Digger) taking the freestyle win with 25 points.

Knoxville, TN

Whit Tarlton (Monster Mutt) picked up his second straight wheelie win with 25 points, though lost in the racing final as it was Allen Pezo (Predator) picking up the win. Gary Porter (Grave Digger) picked up his fifth straight donut victory 27 points, before capping off the night with the freestyle victory.

Greensville, SC

Jim Tracy (Higher Education) kicked off the night by standing his bus in the air for the wheelie win. Tracy made it to the second round in racing, but was defeated by Aaron Basl (Wolverine). Basl would go onto the finals, but wouldn’t take the win as Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger) took the win. Huffaker kept it going as the night went on, grabbing the freestyle win. 


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