Ever wanted to ride in an actual racecar? Ever wanted to feel what the driver feels? Ever wanted to experience what some call the thrill of a lifetime?

Well, there is one person and his company that are here to offer that to fans during the summer. Gord Bennett and his Full Throttle team offer rides in their Inside Track Magazine/Full Throttle 2-seater experience car to fans on Tuesday nights throughout the summer at Flamboro Speedway. 

This is something that is unique, different and can't be experienced in any other form but in the car. Could you imagine if you got a fellow race fan this as a present? They'd love you! Oh, and why not experience it for yourself?

Let's face it - every fans dreams of feeling the speed, the motor, the thrill of going into a corner at high speed not knowing when the driver will slow down. It's that feeling taht drives us all as fans, wanting to be close to the action.

While attending the races may be getting close, here's a way to get even closer.

If you're interested, head over to http://www.fullthrottlemarketing.ca and get in contact with Gord. And oh, if you want to drive a racecar, he also offers that experience as well.