This year marks the third year for the Garry Reynolds Memorial at Barrie Speedway. Put together as an event by Barrie Speedway officials to run in memory of drivers who have passed away, the event continues to grow each year.

However, even with this being the third year for the event, it only marks the second year for the Thunder Cars. The first year saw the Garry Reynolds Memorial just apply to the Late Models, however it was expanded last year to include the Thunder Cars. The result was a top notch show that entertained fans and saw Dave Doucette come out victorious.

Doucette will be returning this year to run it once again as he looks to hold down the crown. Doucette is a top notch driver in his own right, having won the Autumn Colors Classic previously. He also finished second to Rick Walt in this year’s Barrie Speedway standings, losing in a tie-breaker after a thrilling finish to the season.

Speaking of Rick Walt, he will also be in attendance following his second straight championship. Walt won the championship last weekend at Barrie Speedway after a thrilling finish with Doucette. If you haven’t seen a video of the finish, check out the video posted by Ridge Road Racing -

Fellow Barrie regulars Jim Belesky, Darryl St. Onge, Travis Hallyburton and Robbie Sikes will be joining Doucette and Walt.

After wrecking his primary car on the final night at Sunset Speedway, Paul Maltese will be bringing his back-up car out to Barrie Speedway this weekend. Maltese had a solid season at Sunset this year, finishing fourth in points.

He will be joined by fellow Sunset Speedway regular Dan Archibald, who is looking for his second feature victory. Archibald picked up his first career feature victory mid-summer at Sunset Speedway.

Peterborough Speedway track champion Donny Beatty confirmed that he will be in attendance this weekend at Barrie Speedway.

Sauble Speedway competitor Todd Davenport will be at Barrie Speedway this weekend, as announced through Inside Track’s Short Track Notebook. Davenport has been a front runner at Sauble Speedway every week.

Another possible Sauble driver you can expect to be in attendance is Joe Adams as he is known to show his face at invitationals across the province.

These are the only confirmed drivers for this weekend at Barrie Speedway as of right now, however there are sure to be more that show up. Looking at the pool of drivers at Barrie, Sunset, Peterborough and Sauble, there are plenty of other possibilities that could show their faces this weekend. With this being the kick off to short track playoff season, look for other drivers to join the line-up.