So earlier this week, I released my Late Model preview for the Garry Reynolds Memorial. You probably read it. You probably enjoyed it. You probably shared it with your friends. If you missed it, check it out at

Since then, the entry list has since been updated :)

The drivers that found themselves on the initial list include:

Mike Bentley
Dwayne Baker
Nick Goetz
Lane Zardo
Taylor Holdaway
Gary Elliott
Frank Davey
Kelly Balson
Gord Shepherd
Thayne Hallyburton
Al Inglis
Mike Langley
Mike Brown
Shawn Murray
Leonard Johnston
Andre Pepin
Ron Quesnelle (50% chance there

I also put Varney Speedway’s Tommy Robb on the high percentage list due to attending last year’s running.

Since the article was released, a couple other names have surfaced to give us a field of approximately 25 Late Models for Sunday afternoon.

Peterborough Speedway track promotor J.P. Josiasse will be attendance.

Barrie Speedway regulars Sam Reckzin and Rob Black have both pre-registered with Barrie for the event.

Varney Speedway Mark Dixon has pre-registered for the event, as well.

Sunset Speedway competitor John Mitchell is excited about attending the event this weekend.

Nick Roth has released that he will be in attendance, driving a Late Model. After finishing second last year in Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock points, he has stepped up to the Late Model division.

There is always surprises that will arise and if that happens, then the field at Barrie Speedway will be a full field and could see some drivers having to miss the feature, depending on how many start the feature.