So earlier this week, I released my Thunder Car preview for the Garry Reynolds Memorial. You probably read it. You probably enjoyed it. You probably shared it with your friends. If you missed it, check it out at by clicking here.

Since then, the entry list has since been updated :)

The drivers that found themselves on the initial list include:

Dave Doucette
Rick Walt
Jim Belesky
Darryl St. Onge
Travis Hallyburton
Robbie Sikes
Dan Archibald
Paul Maltese
Donny Beatty
Todd Davenport

Since the article was released, a couple other names have surfaced to help increase the car count.

I hinted about Sauble’s Joe Adams on the initial preview. Well, I can officially say that he is on the list now. Expect the 2012 Autumn Colors Classic winner to run well.

Bryan Penny’s car will be in attendance, but Penny will be not driving. His uncle Steve will be behind the wheel.

Flamboro Speedway front runner Kevin Albers has confirmed that he will be in attendance with the event moved to Sunday instead of Saturday, other Flamboro cars may possibly show due to not overlapping with their regular points night.

Jordan Latimer, Garry Reynold’s grandson, has confirmed that he will be in the field showcasing his new car.

Kent Constable has stated that he will be registering the event and running after a successful season at Sunset Speedway this year.

These are the only confirmed drivers for this weekend at Barrie Speedway as of right now, however there are sure to be more that show up. Looking at the pool of drivers at Barrie, Sunset, Peterborough, Flamboro, Varney and Sauble, there are plenty of other possibilities that could show their faces this weekend. With this being the kick off to short track playoff season, look for other drivers to join the line-up.