2500th Race     Race#23      

It all started in 1969, when stock car racing became our passion.  Now, 45 years later, we celebrate our 2500th race, on our 1142nd night. A contest was created.

Fans could enter the contest through our Quaker State 30th Anniversary program.  We had been updating the fans of the countdown for the past five weeks.  Incredibly It fell on August 31st at our home track Sunset Speedway, with number 2498, 2499 races being the heats and the 2500th the feature.   The management and promoters of Sunset Speedway made a beautiful 2500 sign and had all of our team members come on the track for a presentation and interview. Joining us was every other Late Model driver in the feature event.

Races In Each Class

Mini Stock……. 1969 to 1971…….95

Vintage Mods..1972 to 2004…1879

Late Model……2005 to 2013…...526

The on track ceremony lasted about 25 minutes.  We very much appreciate the drivers joining us and the fans showing their appreciation for our accomplishment that was only possible through the support and dedication of my family, friends in our pit crews, our sponsors and other competitors, all who helped us make so many of these 2500 races. 

We started 15th in this race and worked hard in the strong field of 22 cars.  Though close throughout the 30 laps we crossed the line in 11th place but made enough points in both heats and feature to move to within 8 points of being in the top ten in the standings, the closest we’ve been this season. 

Late in the feature race we would gain spots moving us just outside the top ten. Our car was good high and low on the track.  A little more horsepower will put us in the winner’s circle, but they will have to wait until 2014. 

Mini Stock Races

Gehrig had another solid night of racing.  The competition in his class is also very strong. His clean hard charging drive provided him a good night. He was able to finish 3rd in both of his heat races and take 8th in the 25 lap feature, giving the Mini Stock team a firm hold on 4th in the standings.

This Saturday will be at Sunset Speedway for Family Race Day presented by Open Doors, one of our valued sponsors.  There is still room to bring your children to this event.….call 905-636-0944 to register.

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