We were invited to participate in the 50th Anniversary of Cross Roads 100 Huntley Street this past Friday. The jubilee year will feature many shows from the past five decades as well as visits by many past guests including us. We were honored to be asked to take our race car to the CTS head office in Burlington and talk with Ron and Ann Maines.

We had to get the shooting done before school kids showed up for their Tabernacle Tour.  

The interview went well, we only needed one take...and that was kind of a surprise.  It will last eight minutes.  We hoped to get done before the children arrived so we wouldn’t be a disruption.

Unfortunately the kids seen the race car and that was it.  They just had to get a close up look.  Teachers and parents had to let them sneak a peak, you can to on Friday June 15th, CTS, 100 Huntley Street at 9 am.