Velocity 250 Sunday

Race #28

September 29th

This photo by Dan Craik tells it all, a packed house for the final race of the season at Sunset Speedway.  It was a 2 day show with qualifying on Saturday and the feature races on Sunday.  There were 7 classes in all thrilling the fans with lots of hard fought racing.  Though the threat of rain was forecast in the early evening, all the races got in just as the rains came in the final race of the night.

David came on Sunday, he couldn’t make it out Saturday, but our crew of Bob, Matt, Gehrig and Nathan were available on Saturday to help with qualifying. There were over 30 Late Models trying to earn a spot in the nostalgic race with only 26 spots open.  Racing was hard in both heat races, but we fought our way into the main event with a 4th and 5th giving us tenth best of 30 cars. 

Our set up was perfect this day, we earned a place for the 75 lap feature

David arrived just in time for the final set of hot laps. It was a rush for him and when he made it to our pits he put his wallet, keys and cell phone on the trunk.  I was in the car ready to go. Yes, he forgot all of his stuff and it caused a big delay before the final practice of the day.

His wallet flew off my trunk lid and broke open sending all his money, identification, license, credit cards and other personal items everywhere. 

Many staff went around picking up as much of it as they could and incredibly, David got back all his cash, $250, the wallet with all the credit cards and license, insurance and other things, as well as his keys.  I had no idea it what happened until David told me.  I stopped and told a track official there was a cell phone to, and they said they would look for it…..but we were in for a surprise. 

After the set of hot laps, at 75 to 85 mph, we found the cell phone wedged between the trunk lid and the Alokozay Premium Tea spoiler.  That was incredible…David was very happy. 

Our luck was good in this deal and shortly after we found out the inversion for the 75 lap feature was ten, and we would be on the pole. 

Our problem was horsepower.  We were able to hold off some of the toughest cars for a long time because of how well our car was handling.  We would get beat on horsepower coming off the turns, although because we were handling so good we put up a hard battle with many of the cars. 

By lap 12 we were running 9th and with 17 cars behind us, many fast cars we were delighted to see that not only were we holding our own, but staying with cars for a longer time than we had been earlier in the year when we were struggling with our handling.  

Some cars started to lose their handling and were getting sideways coming off the turns.  Our car was steady allowing us to not only stay with the cars that were getting by us, but also starting to close in as they slowly burned off their right rear tire because they were not hooked up properly.

Things looked good for us until lap 36 coming off turn two.  The bracket that holds our right rear trailing arm to the chassis and rear end, broke off the car.  This happened while I was accelerating off the corner at high speed.  Instantly the car veered towards the outside wall and it was all I could do to keep it from hitting either the front end or back end of the car.  Other cars seeing we were in trouble slowed up letting me get high in turn three and stop the car with no other damage.

Our night however would come to an exciting end, yet we were happy knowing we had a great handling car…..and because we avoided the cement, still do. 

When the trailing arm bracket broke it allowed the right rear wheel to move freely back and forth, causing havoc from the driver’s seat.  However, there was no other damage.  

We were able to load it and secure it properly.   A tough ending, but overall a great run, and the car will be ready for a show we are doing in Mississauga on Saturday.  Then we prepare for Autumn Colors the biggest race event of the season.