May 12th                          Sunset Speedway

Race #2

Mechanical problems were the key reasons both the Quaker State Impala and Honda struggling on Saturday night. Our Late Model was completely rebuilt after the carnage the week before to the drive-train. Problems started early when the clutch would not disengage.  The new parts must have rejected the rest of the car, but we never stopped working on the problem and made every race, getting lots of seat time on our new home track. 

The Mini Stock crew worked on an engine miss, replacing the fuel pump, but to no avail. Gehrig did get out in two of his three races, but the miss returned forcing him to pull off in the feature.  We sent his car to have the engine replaced and electrical issues repaired, he should be competitive this coming Saturday. 

Our issues with the clutch did not keep us from being competitive. We had to start each race slow but after a few laps caught the pack and could maintain the pace of the leaders………  Feature action was close all race 

The 30 lap feature was very fast and though we were not as competitive as we will be this coming Saturday, we did bring our Quaker State car home in 12th place, after starting 19th.

We plan on testing our car mid week so we can make sure our clutch issues are resolved. We know we have a good car, well balanced and fast, we just need to fix the small things that have hindered us so far. We will be ready to battle for the win on May 19th at Sunset Speedway.


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