In 2008, Herb Walters put on a performance from top to bottom that saw him dominating events on his way to the Sunset Speedway Thunder Car Championship. This year marks his return to the Thunder Car division after taking some years off to help Limited Late Model driver Sean Grosman and it looks like he picked up where he left off. Walters would pick up his fourth feature win of 2012 as he won the Chase for the Colors event at Peterborough Speedway to go with his two Sunset feature wins.


Howie Crowe Jr. won the first heat, followed by Lane Zardo, Ken Grubb, Joe Adams and Dan Archibald.

Last week's Sunset Speedway feature winner Nick Roth won the second heat, followed by Shawn Chenoworth, Shawn Arnott, Andy Ford and Herb Walters.  

Kevin Gallant won the third heat, followed by Zardo, Grubb, Archibald and Adams. Crowe Jr. would go over the turn one hill with a flat tire, but no damage was done.

Current Sunset Speedway points leader Walters won the fourth heat, followed by Chenoworth, Roth, Brad Collison and Nick Troback. Ford spun on the last lap. 


Virtue of his qualifying effort, Kevin Gallant started on pole, followed by Herb Walters, Ken Grubb, Shawn Chenoworth and Lane Zardo. The action would start right away with a caution on the second lap for Dan Archibald and Nick Roth making contact and wrecking in turn one. They would collect Joe Adams and Shawn Arnott in their mayhem. 

Right after the restart, the battle for second would break out between Grubb and Walters. They would battle all the way till the next caution on lap five. The caution would come out for Brad Collison blowing the motor. In the aftermath, Archibald, Andy Ford, Howie Crowe Jr. and Chenoworth would all wreck in the oil. They each would get their spots back. Meanwhile, Grubb would come down pit road with problems, giving up the second position to Walters while Zardo now ran third.

On the restart, Gallant would pull out to the lead while Walters and Zardo battled for second with Chenoworth and Crowe Jr. behind them. On lap seven, Chenoworth would make a three-wide move on Walters and Zardo through turn three to move up to the second position past them. This would cause Walters to slip back to fifth while Zardo and Crowe Jr. battled for third. 

On lap 10, another three-wide pass would take place as Walters would make the three-wide move on Zardo and Crowe Jr. to move up to third.

Meanwhile, back at the top of the heap, Chenoworth would get alongside Gallant on lap 11 to battle for the lead while Zardo fell back to seventh, allowing Nick Troback to crack the top five.  The battle for the lead would end with a caution on lap 13 as Gallant would get loose while now underneath Chenoworth and spin. This allowed Chenoworth to take the lead, followed by Walters, Crowe Jr., Troback and Adams.

Zardo would begin his climb back up through the field on lap 20 as he got alongside Adams for the fifth position and would pass him on lap 22. Archibald would also clear Adams for the sixth position.

The battle for the lead would heat up again on lap 25 as Walters would use the lap car of Luke Gignac as a pick and get by Chenoworth for the lead. As they continued to work through traffic, Chenoworth would get back side-by-side with Walters on lap 27, though Walters would clear him on lap 29.

On lap 32, Zardo would continue to make his move to the front as he would pass Troback for fourth.

Herb Walters would lead the final 10 laps to score the feature victory with Shawn Chenoworth second.  They will now get to start on the front row for the Autumn Colors event in October. Last year, Walters used a provicional to start the Autumn Colors feature that he gained through the Chase as he blew a pair of motors during qualifying. Crowe Jr. and Zardo would finish third and fourth, so therefore they will start no worse than 13th and 14th come the Autumn Colors weekend. They will have an opportunity through qualifying heat races to improve their starting position. Troback finished fifth with Archibald in sixth.