For the second straight week and fifth time this year, Jason Witty would drive his No. 19 Queensville SOD Farms, Larue’s Haulage, Carrot Express, Matco Tools and Speedy Auto Machine Late Model to feature victory lane at Sunset Speedway. Meanwhile, Mike Bentley came home a solid fifth in the feature behind the wheel of his No. 51 Lattitude Land Effects Late Model to win his first career championship.

The night started off with Anthony Simone winning the first heat behind the wheel of his No. 95 Simone Motorsports Late Model ahead of Nick Goetz, Sean Grosman, Dwayne Baker, Andy Kamrath, Scott Beatty, Lane Zardo, Gary Elliott, Dave Bartlett, Herb Walters, Mike Weitz and Bill Gallant.

The second heat saw an incident when contact between Tom Walters and Chris Morrow would cause Morrow to make hard contact with the outside wall. Morrow would be okay and his crew would thrash to have the car ready for the second set of heats later on in the night. Junior Farrelly suffered a flat tire on lap eight and had to head down pit road early. Billy Zardo grabbed the heat win behind the wheel of his No. 46 Holmes on Homes, National Exhaust and Smart Screen Late Model ahead of Witty, Taylor Holdaway, Bentley, Ernie Fumerton, Tom Walters, Bruce Rankin and Marvin Freiburger.

The third heat started off with a bang as Beatty had a tire go flat going into turn three while battling for the lead with Kamrath. Dwayne Baker went on to take the win behind the wheel of his No. 48 Centennial Chrysler, Baker Performance Parts, Zancor Homes, Canadian Towing Equipment, Clearview Heating & Cooling and Air Liquide Late Model ahead of Kamrath, Grosman, Lane Zardo, Simone, Goetz, Elliott, Bartlett, Herb Walters, Weitz and Gallant.

Bentley set the stage for his championship feat with a win in the final heat ahead of Tom Walters, Holdaway, Fumerton, Billy Zardo, Witty, Farrelly, Rankin, Morrow and Freiburger.

Come feature time, Simone started pole ahead of Fumerton, Witty, Goetz, Grosman, Holdaway, Billy Zardo, Lane Zardo, Baker, Kamrath, Tom Walters, Bentley, Rankin, Elliott, Farrelly, Bartlett, Beatty, Herb Walters, Morrow, Gallant, Ryan Semple, Weitz and Freiburger.

Simone grabbed the early lead while Witty slipped into second ahead of Fumerton. Middle of the field, Goetz would bounce off the outside wall due to contact from someone and slip back a couple spots. At the front on lap three, Simone continued to lead Witty while Grosman and Fumerton battled for third.

While they battled, Witty got alongside Simone for the lead on lap four, clearing him on lap five. Grosman slipped by Fumerton, bringing Billy Zardo and Baker with him. Tom Walters followed suit by Fumerton on lap nine for sixth, with Bentley by Fumerton on lap 10. Holdaway and Kamrath then both slipped by Fumerton on lap 11.

Back closer to the front, Baker got alongside Zardo for fourth on lap 12, completing the pass on lap 13. Tom Walters would then follow suit on lap 14. The top 10 ran single file for the middle part of the feature till Holdaway and Kamrath got side-by-side for seventh on lap 20. However, the battle would be short lived as the caution flew on lap 21 for Herb Walters getting into the inside front stretch wall.

On the restart, Witty kept the lead ahead of Simone while Grosman and Baker battled for third. Though once again, caution would fly as Semple spun in turn two. Semple was taking a turn behind the wheel of Frank Davey’s late model.

Witty grabbed the lead on the restart while Simone and Grosman battled for second. Grosman cleared Simone on lap 23, with Tom Walters getting alongside Simone for third on lap 24. Tom Walters got by Simone and then slipped past Grosman to move into second with five laps to go. Simone continued to fall back, falling outside of the top five after being passed by Baker and Bentley.

At the ranch, Tom Walters was unable to track down Witty in the final laps as Jason Witty picked up the win.

It marks Witty’s fifth points night feature win of the season, sixth overall as he won the 75 lapper in June. Witty has had an up-and-down season though as along with those wins, he had four wrecks and a blown motor.

Tom Walters finished second for his 11th top five finish of the season. Sean Grosman finished third for his sixth top five of the season. Dwayne Baker finished fourth for his eighth top five of the season. Mike Bentley rounded out the top five with his 11th top five of the season and the championship.

Anthony Simone finished sixth followed by Taylor Holdaway, Andy Kamrath, Billy Zardo and Ernie Fumerton.

Nick Goetz finished 11th followed by Lane Zardo, Scott Beatty, Bruce Rankin, Chris Morrow, Gary Elliott, Junior Farrelly, Herb Walters and Ryan Semple.