Wow. Speechless. Holy cow.

Leaving Sunset Speedway after the 75 lap Late Model feature, those were the words that fans could be heard seeing. The last 15 laps of the Late Model feature brought some of the most drama filled racing that you could find anywhere in Ontario.

In the end, once the dust had settled, it’d be Jason ‘Bam Bam’ Witty picking up the victory for his third victory in a row as he has won the previous two Saturday nights.

The night started off with time trials and it’d be Mike Bentley laying down the quickest lap, ahead of Tom Walters, Witty, Dwayne Baker and Chris Morrow.

There’d be a six car invert after the dice roll, putting Anthony Simone on pole. Chris Morrow would start second, followed by Dwayne Baker, Jason Witty, Tom Walters, Mike Bentley, Nick Goetz, Marvin Freiburger, Gord Shepherd, Taylor Holdaway, Kerry Micks, Joshua Stade, Jason Parker, Billy Zardo, Steve Laking, Frank Davey, Thayne Hallyburton, Ryan Kimball, Cory Horner, Mike Brown, Andy Kamrath, Shawn Murray, Thane Woodside, Ernie Fumerton, Brittany Gresel and Gary Elliott.

On the drop of the green flag, Anthony Simone and Chris Morrow would be side-by-side for the lead with “Mr. Excitement” Chris Morrow clearing Simone on lap two. Witty would get alongside Simone for second and Simone would have a big slide, saving the car, though slipped back to fifth.

On lap three, it’d be Morrow leading Witty while Bentley and Baker battled for third. Bentley would clear Baker on lap four. The first caution would then fly, though, as Goetz would have contact with Woodside.

So with 71 laps to go it’d be Morrow leading Witty, Bentley, Baker, Simone, Walters, Freiburger, Shepherd, Holdaway, Stade, Zardo and Davey.

On the restart, Morrow and Witty would be side-by-side for the lead with Morrow able to clear Witty. Witty would then find himself in a battle for second with Bentley on lap 13. They’d battle all the way till the second caution at lap 15 for Brown spinning in turn two. Goetz would be put to the back as an involved car.

Under caution, Brown and Horner came down for adjustments.

So with 60 laps to go, it’d be Morrow leading Bentley, Witty, Baker, Walters, Shepherd, Simone, Freiburger, Stade, Holdaway, Zardo and Parker.

On the restart, Mike ‘Lights out’ Bentley would grab the lead from Morrow and on lap 17, Walters would get alongside Witty for third. However, the battle would interrupted by the third caution for Woodside spinning in turn four.

On the restart, Bentley would clear Morrow. Walters would follow suit on lap 19, passing Morrow for second. The battle for the lead would pick up at lap 21 with Walters and Bentley getting side-by-side.

Stompin’ Tom Walters would clear Bentley on lap 22 to grab the lead ahead of Morrow, Witty and Shepherd. Shepherd would drop back to seventh by lap 44 after being passed by both Baker and Holdaway.

On lap 45, Baker would get alongside Witty for fourth, passing him on lap 48. Holdaway would then pass Witty for fifth on lap 54.

By this point, Walters had a straightaway lead on Bentley, putting multiple cars a lap down. Though the lead would erased when a caution would fly on lap 57 for Gary Elliott spinning in turn four. So with 18 laps to go, it’d be Walters leading Bentley, Morrow, Baker, Holdaway, Witty, Shepherd and Zardo on the lead lap. Kimball would be the first car a lap down, followed by Kamrath, Parker, Freiburger, Laking and Murray.

On the restart, Bentley and Walters would be side-by-side for the lead and remain that way till off of turn four on lap 59 as Walters would clear Bentley. Then in turns one and two, there was contact made between the two, resulting in Walters going for a spin to bring out the caution on lap 60. As a result, both Walters and Bentley were sent to the back of the “lead lap” cars for the restart with 15 laps to go. With both cars moved back in line, it’d be ‘The Bully’ Dwayne Baker taking the lead.

So with 15 laps to go, Baker would lead Witty, Holdaway, Shepherd, Morrow, Walters and Bentley to the restart. Kamrath was the first car a lap down ahead of Zardo, Kamrath and Freiburger.

On the restart, Baker would pull ahead of Witty while Holdaway and Shepherd battled for third. Contact would be made between the pair of them, sending Holdaway for a big slide, though he would save it and keep going.

The caution would fly shortly after on lap 63 for Micks spinning.

So now with 12 laps to go, it’d be Baker leading Witty, Holdaway, Shepherd, Morrow, Walters and Bentley. Kimball was now the first car a lap down, ahead of Kamrath, Zardo, Parker and Murray.

On the restart, Baker would grab the lead ahead of Witty while Shepherd and Holdaway battled for third once again. Shepherd would clear Holdaway on lap 65 as Holdaway found himself in a battle with Walters for fourth. Walters would then pass both Shepherd and Holdaway to move into the third position on lap 67. He would then pass Witty for second on lap 70. As he completed the pass, the caution would fly for Brown and Davey spinning in turn four.

So now with five laps to go, it’d be Baker leading Walters, Witty, Shepherd, Morrow, Holdaway and Bentley. Kimball was the first car a lap down ahead of Kamrath, Parker, Zardo, Murray, Horner, Freiburger and Hallyburton.

On the restart, Baker and Walters would battle side-by-side for the lead and off of turn four, Walters would pull ahead of Baker.

They would come to the line when contact would be made between Walters and Baker, resulting in Walters hitting the front stretch wall.

Also collected in the accident was Chris Morrow, who hit the front of Walters’ car.

As a result of the clean-up ahead and the fact rain was moving in, Sunset Speedway officials made the decision to call the race. So who would pick up the win? Officials went back a lap and took the running order, without the involved cars of Morrow, Baker and Walters. Who was in third coming to the restart? Witty.

As a result, Jason ‘Bam Bam’ Witty picks up his third straight win in a row (won the past two Saturday nights) ahead of Gord Shepherd, Taylor Holdaway, Mike Bentley, Chris Morrow, Tom Walters and Dwayne Baker.

Ryan Kimball would finish eighth as the first lapped car, followed by Andy Kamrath and Anthony Simone.