After taking the lead mid-race and staying out of the fights, Sauble Speedway’s Joe Adams never looked back as he would take the victory in the 20th Annual Autumn Colors Classic 50-Lap Thunder Car feature.

In the first heat on Friday night, Sunset Speedway’s Dan Archibald would take the win, followed by Joe Adams, Matt Mulholland, Corey Adams, Craig Scott, Bobby Mercer.

In the second heat, Sunset’s Lane Zardo would win, followed by Dave Doucette, John Baker Jr., Shawn Arnott, Shawn Chenoweth, Herb Walters, Andrew Swindells and the 6.

In the third heat, the 47 would spin in turn one. Sunset’s Paul Maltese would win, followed by the 5, Ken Grubb, Randy Rusnell, the 13, Andy Ford, the 47 and Donny Beatty.

In the fourth heat, Sunset’s Nick Roth would win, followed by Rick Walt, Travis Hallyburton, Steve Cashmore, Cayden Lapcevich and Dan Price.

In the fifth heat, Sauble Speedway’s Matt Mulholland would take the win, followed by Adams, Mercer, Archibald, and Adams.

In the sixth heat, Canadian Tire Motorsports Park’s John Baker Jr. would take the win ahead of Walters, Zardo, Arnott, Doucette, Chenoweth and Swindells.

The 5 would spin Andy Ford in the seventh heat, collecting Maltese.  Sunset Speedway’s Randy Rusnell would take the win ahead of the 47, the 13, Grubb, Beatty, the 5, Maltese and Ford.

In the eighth and final heat, Barrie Speedway’s Travis Hallyburton would take the win ahead of Walt, Roth, Shawn McGlynn, Cashmore, Lapcevich, Dennis Cybalski, Price and the 15.

In the B-Main, the Cybalski would spin Ford on lap two. Sauble’s Shawn McGlynn would take the win ahead of Price, Cybalski and Ford. They would qualify for the A-Main, even with Cybalski spinning Ford across the line. The 15 and the 3 would not make the show.

When it came to the A-Main on Sunday, it’d be Herb Walters starting on pole with Shawn Chenoweth second virtue of finishing one-two in the Chase for the Colors event earlier this year.

Sunset’s Herb Walters would grab the early lead on lap one ahead of Lane Zardo while Chenoweth battled with Joe Adams for third. Adams would clear Chenoweth on lap three, with Matt Mulholland also slipping past Chenoweth for fourth.

The first caution would come out on lap five for the 47 getting put into the outside turn three wall by Cayden Lapcevich. Under caution, Lapcevich, the 13 and Donny Beatty would pit. With 45 laps to go it’d be Walters leading Zardo, Adams, Mulholland, Chenoweth, Nick Roth, Randy Rusnell, Rick Walt, Dave Doucette, John Baker Jr. and Dan Archibald.

When the race went back green, Walters would once again grab the lead, now ahead of Adams while Zardo ran third, followed by Chenoweth, Rusnell, Doucette and Mulholland. On lap seven, Chenoweth would pass Zardo and Rusnell would both get by Zardo for third and fourth.

There’d be a lead change at lap 10 with Sauble Speedway’s Joe Adams grabbing the lead from Walters, leaving Walters to battle with Chenoweth for second. Chenoweth and Rusnell would both clear Walters for second and third on lap 11. Zardo would then pass Walters for fourth on lap 14.

The second caution would come out on lap 15 for Corey Adams being spun in turn one by Andrew Swindells. With 35 laps to go, it’d be Adams leading Chenoweth, Rusnell, Zardo, Doucette, Walters, Mulholland, Baker Jr., Rick Walt, Ken Grubb and Paul Maltese.

On the restart, there’d be another caution as Dan Archibald would spin Nick Roth, collecting the 39. Roth would be done with heavy front end damage.

On the second attempt at a restart, the third caution would fly as Beatty would spin Dennis Cybalski. Under caution, Howie Crowe Jr. would stall his car.

On the third attempt at a restart, it’d go well with Adams holding the lead ahead of Rusnell and Doucette while Chenoweth and Zardo battled for fourth.

The fourth caution would fly two laps later, though, as Archibald would spin Craig Scott, collecting Dan Price, Beatty, Cybalski and Adams. Scott and Price would be done for the event, with Scott expressing his displeasure towards Archibald. Under caution, Walters, Bobby Mercer and Maltese would pit. Meanwhile, Baker Jr. would stall under caution.

On the restart, Adams would once again hold the lead, now ahead of Doucette, Zardo and Mulholland while Walt and Rusnell battled for fifth. Mulholland would pass Zardo for third on lap 22 while Walt, Maltese and Chenoweth all slipped past Rusnell for position that same lap.

Chenoweth would then involve himself in a battle with Maltese for sixth, getting Maltese sideways down the backstraight. The result would be Maltese sliding sideways into turn three, getting into Rusnell, sending them both around. Archibald and Beatty would also get heavy damage in the incident.

This is when the thunder car feature would turn into WWE as Archibald and Beatty both got out of their cars, having a fight on track. Beatty said afterwards that he fought Archibald as he has been putting up with Archibald for 15 years, back to when they used to race at Brighton Speedway against each other. Both Archibald and Beatty would be done for the event, while Chenoweth, Rusnell and Maltese got to continue. Rusnell got to keep his position while both Chenoweth and Maltese went to the back of the field.

On the restart, Adams would keep the lead, now ahead of Mulholland, Doucette, Walt and Rusnell while McGlynn and Zardo battled for sixth. McGlynn would clear Zardo for sixth on lap 26.

On lap 31, Travis Hallyburton and Dennis Cybalski would go through the backstretch grass, with the caution coming out at lap 32 for Cybalski stalling in the grass.

On the restart, Adams would hold the lead while Mulholland and Doucette battled for second. Doucette would clear Mulholland on lap 35, while Walt also slipped past Mulholland for third. Muholland would then fall back to seventh by lap 37 after being passed by Zardo, McGlynn and Rusnell.

The seventh caution would fly at lap 38 for Steve Cashmore spinning Lapcevich in turn one, collecting Mercer and Swindell.

With the race over its time limit, caution laps were now being counted so the restart would come at lap 40, with Adams keeping the lead ahead of Walt and McGlynn while Doucette and Mulholland battled for fourth. Though the eighth caution would then fly at lap 42 for McGlynn spinning Walt in turn four. Under caution, Walt would spin McGlynn on the front stretch. The result was Walt being blackflagged for rough driving.

With eight laps to go it’d be Adams now leading Mulholland, Doucette, Maltese, Zardo, Shawn Arnott, Rusnell, Chenoweth, Grubb, Baker Jr., Adams and Walters.

On the restart, the ninth caution would fly when Chenoweth would send Rusnell for a spin.

The final laps would run green with Sauble Speedway veteran Joe Adams grabbing the win ahead of fellow Sauble Speedway driver Matt Mulholland. Barrie Speedway driver Dave Doucette finished third, followed by Paul Maltese and Shawn Arnott.