In a 50 lap feature that included some hard wrecks for some competitors, it’d be Sauble Speedway’s Joe Adams taking the victory in his No. 00 Owen Sound Quik Lube, First Choice Automotive, Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer, Chatty Carwash, Tri Country PowerWashand Mac Donnell Fuels Thunder Car. He marks the first Sauble driver to win on Sunset’s new configuration since the repaving at the end of the 2009 season.


Despite being involved in a mid-race caution, Randy Rusnell would drive his No. 72 Travis Ind. Maintenance,, Cournoyeas Poodles, Speedy Auto Service Burling, Spira Fire Protection, J&K Converters Ltd, Partimer Signs, Chetty’s Hot Sauce, Brant Transmission and McCordick Glove & Safety Monte Carlo through the field to the fourth position to take home the M.R.E Pro Series Championship after winning the first two rounds. He’d take the championship, 49 points ahead of Matt Bentley.


“I don’t know what was going on out there tonight, but you’d almost think it was a full moon,” Rusnell told Race Time Radio. “I want to congratulate Joe on the win as he came all the way down from Sauble and did a good job.”


Randy Rusnell would win the first heat ahead of Sunset’s Nick Roth and Cayden Lapcevich. Joe Adams would finish fourth with Sunset’s Paul Geniole Jr. rounding out the top five. Steve Perry finished sixth, followed by Ken Grubb, Lane Zardo, Paul Maltese, Brian Wilson Jr., Dan Price and Tyler Praysner.


The second heat would go to Flamboro’s Nick Troback in his No. 73 Alexander Glass, Ray’s Towing and RDJ Auto Sales Camaro. Sauble’s Matt Mulholland finished second, followed by Sunset’s Herb Walters and Matt Bentley. Flamboro’s Shawn Arnott rounded out the top five. Chad Eden finished sixth, followed by Bob Phinnemore, Rob Morrison, Steve Cashmore, Bobby Mercer and Richard Butler.


In the third heat, there’d be trouble on lap seven when Grubb slid sideways through turns three and four, bottling up the field. In the aftermath, Praysner would spin around and collect Wilson Jr. It’d be Rusnell picking up his second win on the afternoon, followed by Sunset’s Zardo, Geniole Jr., Sunset’s Maltese and Adams. Roth would finish sixth, followed by Price and Perry.


In the fourth heat, it’d be a close finish side-by-side between Bentley and Mulholland, with Bentley getting credited the win in his No. 21 Bentley Motorsports Nova. Mulholland would get credited with second, followed by Sunset’s Cashmore, Arnott and Troback. Morrison would finish sixth, followed by Walters,Eden, Hearty,Butlerand Mercer.


Rusnell would roll a seven on the double dice roll to cause a seven car invert for the feature. So it’d be Paul Geniole Jr. starting pole, followed by Joe Adams, Nick Roth, Nick Troback, Matt Bentley, Matt Mulholland, Randy Rusnell, Shawn Arnott, Chad Eden, Herb Walters, Lane Zardo, Paul Maltese, Cayden Lapcevich, Steve Perry, Rob Morrison, Ken Grubb, Steve Cashmore, Mike Hearty, Dan Price, Brian Wilson Jr., Bobby Mercer, Richard Butler, Bob Phinnemore and Tyler Praysner.


The initial start would not be a go as Geniole Jr. brought them down to slow. However, the second try would work as it’d be Geniole Jr. andAdamsside-by-side for the lead.Adamswould jump ahead of Geniole Jr. on lap two, followed by Roth while Bentley and Troback battled for fourth. On lap four as Bentley and Troback continued battling, Roth would get alongside Geniole Jr. for second. Roth would complete the pass on lap five, while Bentley and Torback continued to battle for fourth.


On lap 12, Bentley would finally get by Troback for fourth, leaving Rusnell to battle with Troback now for fifth. However, the caution would come out as Rob Morrison would have a flat tire. He’d pull his car to the infield, done for the rest of the event.


So at lap 12 it’d beAdamsleading Roth, Geniole Jr., Rusnell, Troback, Mulholland, Zardo, Walters, Arnott, Lapcevich, Eden, Maltese, Grubb, Perry, Price, Hearty, Phinnemore, Praysner, Butler, Cashmore, Mercer and Wilson Jr.


On the restart, it’d be Adams and Roth side-by-side, withAdamsclearing Roth on the next lap. Roth would get alongside Adams once again on lap 19, butAdamswould hold off the charge, clearing Roth on lap 20. Rusnell now ran third, followed by Bentley, Zardo, Troback and Mulholland as Geniole Jr. had fallen back to eighth, now side-by-side with Lapcevich.


There’d be a caution at lap 23 when Hearty would stall on the track. Under caution, Walters and Grubb would make their way down pit road.


After going back a lap in scoring (as track policy when the caution flies), it’d be Adams leading Roth, Rusnell, Bentley, Zardo, Troback, Mulholland, Lapcevich, Geniole Jr., Rusnell, Maltese, Eden, Perry, Phinnemore, Praysner, Price, Mercer, Butler, Wilson Jr., Cashmore, Walters, Hearty and Grubb.


On the restart, it’d be Adams and Roth side-by-side for the lead once again, withAdamsholding him off once again, clearing him on lap 24. That allowed Rusnell to get alongside Roth for second. There’d be contact between the two, resulting in Roth going for a spin, and collecting Zardo.


Roth would make his way down pit road to fix his damage, therefore having to restart at the back of the field. Rusnell would go to the back as an involved car. However, he told Race Time Radio after the event that the car wasn’t fair.


“I don’t know why we got sent to the back,” the four-time Flamboro Speedway Thunder Car champion said. “I was clearly on the inside of the 17 and he came down on me. I even backed out in anticipation that he did that. I heard about guys getting their spots back so I don’t why we didn’t. They need to get the calls more consistent. Perhaps put more people around the track.”


Zardo, meanwhile, would be allowed to keep his spot due to making contact with Roth after the instant of caution.


On the restart, it’d be Adams and Bentley side-by-side for the lead, withAdamsclearing Bentley on lap 26 as Troback now ran third, followed by Zardo and Lapcevich while Mulholland and Arnott battled for sixth. While they were battling, Mulholland would spin around in turn two, bringing out another caution. Under the caution, Cashmore would make his way down pit road.


On the restart, it’d once again be Adams and Bentley side-by-side and as the same as the previous restart, Adams would once again clear Bentley on lap 29, ahead of Zardo, Troback and Lapcevich while Geniole Jr. and Maltese battled for position.


On lap 30, Mulholland would make his way down pit road while Maltese would pass Geniole Jr. on lap 31.


On lap 36, Praysner would begin smoking, which would result in a caution for oil on the track.


On the restart, Lapcevich and Maltese would come together, causing a major pile-up behind them. The drivers collected would be Price,Butler, Grubb, Walters,Eden, Hearty, Maltese and Arnott. Lapcevich told Race Time Radio that Maltese got loose and came down into him.


On the restart with 14 laps to go, it would beAdamsleading Bentley, Zardo, Troback, Geniole Jr., Eden, Phinnemore, Perry, Roth, Rusnell, Grubb, Arnott, Cashmore, Maltese, Wilson Jr. and Mulholland. When the green flag flew, Phinnemore would head down pit road.


As in previous restarts, it’d be Adams and Bentley side-by-side for the lead, withAdamsclearing Bentley on lap 37. Zardo ran third followed by Troback while Geniole Jr. and Eden battled for fifth. Geniole Jr. would clearEden, leavingEdento battle with Rusnell for sixth. Rusnell would passEdenand get alongside Geniole Jr. for fourth on lap 45. There’d then be a caution for Mulholland going around.


The first restart would not be a go as Bentley would jump the start. However, the second one would be with Adams and Bentley side-by-side, withAdamsclearing Bentley on lap 47. However, it wouldn’t be over yet as there’d be another caution for Geniole Jr. getting into the wall after getting sideways due to contact with Roth.


So on the restart, it’d be Adams and Bentley side-by-side, withAdamsclearing Bentley with two laps to go.


Joe Adams would lead the final two laps to take the victory. Matt Bentley finished second, followed by Lane Zardo, Nick Troback and Randy Rusnell.


Ken Grubb finished sixth, followed by Chad Eden, Paul Maltese, Steve Perry and Shawn Arnott.


Cashmore finished 11th, followed by Wilson Jr., Roth, Phinnemore, Geniole Jr., Mulholland, Hearty, Walters, Price, Butler, Mercer, Lapcevich, Praysner and Morrison.