In a dramatic finale to the racing action in London, Jon Zimmer in Grave Digger would barely score the victory over Cam McQueen in Grave Digger.

It marks Zimmer's fifth racing victory in a row as he swept both shows in Edmonton last weekend and all three shows in London this weekend. 

"Cam and I have gone back and forth as good friends," Zimmer said afterwards. "Cam's been on fire so far in Freestyle. He's the world champ."

"We gave it our all," McQueen said. "Win, lose, or draw, all the fans win."

The driver that made his Grave Digger debut this season now has 10 victories across the 2013 Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour, with six racing wins, three freestyle wins and one wheelie win.


In round one, it'd be Zimmer winning over Bob Robbins in Aftershock, Saturday afternoon Wheelie winner Brad Allen in Mega Bite over Sunday Wheelie winner Chris Bergeron in Brutus, and 2012 Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion Cam McQueen in Northern Nightmare over Aaron Crome in Krazy Train.

In round two, it'd be Zimmer over Bergeron as he'd come back as fast loser while McQueen beat Allen. Allen had made it to the finals in both events on Saturday.

The final would pair Zimmer against McQueen, with Zimmer taking the win barely according to Monster Jam officials. Here is a video of the race.