The Autumn Colors Classic. It’s the event that everybody wants to win. For some, they’ve had the privilege of winning it. For others, they’ve come so close but yet haven’t been able to yet.

However, to run well you must start well by qualifying well and staying outta trouble. Qualifying for the Limited Late Model feature kicked off on Sunday with some of the usual fast suspects finding themselves in victory lane.

The night of racing kicked off with Jesse Kennedy running into problems, followed by Bryan Sudberry having problems as well. Jason Witty had pole and led early, though was blackflagged for leaking fuel. It was discovered the fuel cap was loose on the No. 19 Late Model.

Peterborough Speedway regular Kelly Balson won ahead of Jason Parker, Gord Shepherd, Shawn Chenoweth, Billy Zardo, Sudberry, Nick Roth, Scott McTeer and Ryan Kimball. Kimball ran a couple car lengths behind the field due to having locked up the pole position by winning Chase for the Colors.

The second heat started off no better as Cory Horner and Steve Adams would tangle up together, collecting Alvin McNicol with them. Sunset Speedway regular Nick Goetz won ahead of Dario Capirchio, 81, Dwayne Baker, Tom Walters, Shawn Arnott, 24x, Taylor Holdaway and McNicol.

Ed Bowlby won the third heat ahead of 4x, Frank Davey, Andy Kamrath, Marvin Freiburger, the 17, Thayne Hallyburton, Tyler Liscum, Steve Foster and Chris Mitchell. Mitchell had locked up outside pole by finishing second at the Chase for the Colors.

Qualifying continued on the Saturday, with features scheduled originally for the Sunday, but moved to Monday due to rain.