So far this year at Sauble Speedway, Kevin Bridge has been one of the Mini Stocks to beat. That didn't change on Wednesday night as he picked up his second straight Dash for Cash victory.


In the first heat, Kevin Bridge would take the win, followed by Sherry Smart, Matt Johnson, Howard Bailey and Robert Sykes.

In the second heat, John Van Dyk would take the victory, followed by Jason Hinde, Billy Schwartzenburg, Chris Ruigrok and Ryan Edwards-Kiss.

In the third heat, Bridge would once again take the win, followedby Johnson, Sykes, Smart and Gramma Lewis.

The final heat would go to Schwarzenburg, followed by Van Dyk, Ruigrok, Hinde and Kevin Paupst. 


In the feature, it'd be Matt Johnson starting on pole, followed by Billy Schwartzenburg, John Van Dyk, Kevin Bridge, Jason Hinde, Chri Ruigrok, Robert Syke, Howard Bailey, Ryan Edwards-Kis and Kevin Paupst.

On the start, Schwartzenburg would jump out to the early lead with Bridge passing Van Dyke for second. Ruigrok would get by Hinde for fourth, while Hinde battled with Bailey for fifth. Hinde would keep Bailey behind him while Bridge would get alongside Schwartzenburg for the lead on lap two.

Bridge would complete the passs on lap six as Schwartzenburg began to fall through the field. Schwartzenburg would be slowing down due to his car being on fire and he would pull it into the infield, escaping the fire without injury as the red flag came out. So at lap eight, it was now Bridge leading over Van Dyke, Ruigrok, Hinde, Paupst, Edwards-Kiss and Johnson.

They'd run in that order from the restart till lap 18 when Ruigrok would get alongside Van Dyke, completing the pass for second on lap 20. 

The rest of the feature would run single file with Kevin Bridge picking up the win, followed by Chris Ruigrok, John Van Dyk, Jason Hinde and Kevin Paupst. Ryan Edwards-Kiss would finish sixth, followed by Matt Johnson, Howard Bailey, Nick Vermillea and Sherry Smart.