The only way Kevin Harvick can win the championship is if Johnson runs into problems, Kenseth doesn’t run that strongly and Harvick wins the race. So the goal for this weekend – go out and score maximum points.

Harvick was able to do that last weekend as he scored the win at Phoenix International Raceway to put himself in position to come into the final race of the year with a slim chance.

While most people have counted Harvick out of it already, Harvick is on the flip side of the things, saying that he won’t give up till it’s mathematically not possible.

“Just the type of team we are, we race up until the last lap.  You just never know what's going to happen,” he commented. “ Realistically the only things we can control are what we do.  It's definitely a really, really longshot.  But we'll control the things that are in our control and see how it all falls.”

As Harvick enters the last race of his last season with RCR (moves to Stewart-Haas Racing next year), it’s all about going out on the highest high possible to accompany the success that they’ve had through the years. As the season starts to come to close, Harvick said it helped him realize just how success they’ve been and what they’ve been through together.

“Along with that process, you also think about all the mistakes you've made along the way, the things you would have done different,” Harvick commented. “ So we've been through a lot of scenarios that were a lot tougher than starting with my job ending after this week at RCR.  The way that it started at Atlanta, really Rockingham in 2001.  We've been through a lot of hard situations before, had committed to each other to fulfill our commitment throughout the year.”

Some people played it off that Harvick wouldn’t run well this year because of the whole ‘lame duck scenario’ – being the driver that is leaving a team. However, that wasn’t the case as Harvick finds himself winning races and third in points.

“The guys in the shop, they don't care.  I always tell people, It's just as hard to run last as it is to run first.  All those guys were onboard.  Everybody knew the scenario,” he said. “In the end for the company, our car had to run good.  They had a lot of change, a lot of things going forward to make right.  No matter who drives it, what number's on it, the car needed to perform well this year.

It had to have the right amount of effort.  They couldn't just write it off and hope for better things next year.”

Harvick added that those guys don’t care about the contracts and scenarios because it’s all about working on the car and wanting to see it perform because of all their hard work.

“That's really what drove me, were the guys on my team,” Harvick added. “They look at you and expect you to get in that car no matter what's happened, they expect you to get in that car and give it 100%, even though it's my last year with the team.”

No matter what happens, Harvick said that they’ve had a solid Chase and done well with winning races and having success.

“I think we've averaged like a 7.5 throughout the Chase,” Harvick added. “I felt like after we left Loudon, one of these guys was going to have one of those Chases that was going to take a 4 or a 5 average finish to make it happen and probably going to win a few races.

“We knew going in we couldn't make any mistakes because you're racing against guys that have had a great year, are capable of winning every week.  So we knew when we left Loudon that we had made a big mistake.  That's just the way it goes.  You just have to race every week.  We've had a good Chase.”